Adding IRL Lore (CE/LE items)?

I was wondering if there is an interest in the Collector/Limited Edition lore items to be archived here? I would be wiling to contribute, and own all the collector editions. Examples include the Arms and Armament book (D1 Vanilla), Treasure Island book with Cayde’s notes (D1 TTK), Postcard images(Various), Cabal Book (D2), etc. I’m very new to this site but can provide text transcript as well as images/scans. There are some really cool tidbits and setup for various things within the Destiny universe and I’d hate for this knowledge to become lost or inaccessible to those who didn’t have the chance.

*If this already exists I apologize in advance. I was trying to research it since I struggle with some of the cursive writing in the books, and was not able to find any transcripts of the contents.


This would be wonderful, it is difficult to reference the texts from collectors edition booklets or items online.

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Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll pass it on to @baxter, who runs the site.