Adding the Collectors Editions books to the Collective

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the Destiny lore community on reddit, particularly r/raidsecrets, knows that the Collector’s Edition booklet on Clovis Bray has been a HUGE source of discussion and speculation. I was wondering, is there ever a plan to add the booklets, like the Cabal Booklet, Kuang Xuan’s Logbook, and the Treasure Island book from Taken King, to the Collective’s records? I’d love to have a quickly accessible way to read all these.


Hey there!

That’s a great question. It’s something we’ve always been cautious about in the past, but since we recently added the lore from the Beyond Light ARG, it seems logical to add the rest of the book.

We’ll definitely give this some thought.

Awesome! Just curious, if you’ll indulge me, what have been some of the reasons in the past against adding the booklets to the Archive?