Adventure- Anti-Anti Air Transcript

Name: Anti-Anti Air
Recorded: 2017.28.09


++Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone, Earth

**Guardian starts the Adventure

Hawthorne: Welcome back to Firebase Hades. The fun never stops does it? Luckily, they’re off their game.

Hawthorne: Red Legion’s still reeling from you taking out Thumos, so we’ve stepped up our air raids.

Devrim: And in turn, they’ve stepped up their defenses at the base. Some kind of anti-aircraft fire. Think you could find out more?

Ghost: Absolutely.

**Guardian kills a Psion called a Turret Machinist, granting them an Ordinance Installation Order.

Ghost: You’re right, Devrim. They’ve installed anti-aircraft turrets all over the base.

Hawthorne: And with how paranoid you’ve made the Red Legion, I’m betting they’re pretty well guarded.

**Guardian proceeds into the Firebase.

++Legion’s Anchor

Ghost: This seems familiar, but look out the window.

**Guardian looks out the window.

Devrim: Does that mean you can see the turrets?

Ghost: Barely, we need to find a way out there.

**Guardian kills another Turret Machinist, which grants them a Firebase Security Code.

**Guardian proceeds deeper into the Firebase, and approaches a deflector shield, stopping their progress.

Ghost: We’re almost there, but everything’s locked down. We really did make them paranoid.

Hawthorne: Pretty great, huh?

Devrim: It will be great, when they reach those turrets and give them a good thrashing.

**Guardian kills Warden Derg. Granting them another Firebase Security Code. They return to the deflector shield.

Ghost: The power sources for those turrets are shielded too! That’s just excessive.

**The deflector shield disappears.

Ghost: Get me to a console, I’ll take care of them.

++Legion’s Anchor

**Guardian takes Ghost around to various consoles, dropping the shields on the turrets in the area, and destroying them.

Ghost: That’s all of them. But as much as I want us to get out of here…

Ghost: There are two generators recharging their heavy tanks.

**Guardian destroys the two generators, and kills Taskmaster Vazar, granting them yet another Firebase Security Code.

Ghost: That’s our ticket out of here. But there’s one more we can do while we’re here.

Ghost: There’s a huge artillery cannon in another part of the base that’s about to go online.

Devrim: You two are pushing your luck out there.

Hawthorne: Sometimes that’s the only way to win, Dev.

**Guardian works their way back through the base, destroying a section of fuel pipe, before continuing.

++Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone, Earth

Ghost: Perfect. The next time that big cannon tries to fire, it’s not going to go well for the Red Legion.

Hawthorne: Why wait?

Ghost: That’s a good point! Let’s get to a maintenance console, and we’ll start a firing sequence!

**Guardian proceeds to a maintenance console, setting off a chain of explosions, disabling the cannon.

Hawthorne: You two have definitely earned your keep today. Red Legion’s gonna be furious.

Devrim: May I suggest calling it a day? Before the entire base comes down on your heads?

Ghost: Ahh, you worry too much, Devrim!

Hawthorne: I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but I like it!

**The Adventure ends.


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