Help us transcribe Destiny 2!

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If you’d like to help us transcribe, please visit Help us transcribe Curse of Osiris (and Destiny 2)!

If you’d like to help us transcribe here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick an activity from the list below. Edit this topic to replace [assignee] with your @name.
  2. Record a video of that activity.
  3. Edit the video to remove any irrelevant parts.
  4. Upload your video somewhere (it doesn’t have to be youtube, but we might upload it to the Ishtar Collective youtube channel if we can’t embed it).
  5. Transcribe the audio following our Transcript Guide.
  6. Post your video and transcript in a new topic, and edit this topic to replace [link] with a link to your topic.
  7. Receive the love and adoration of all of us at the Ishtar Collective! :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:

Thank you @unisys12 for compiling these lists!

Ghost Scans

There are hundreds of Ghost Scans and we can’t easily compile a list of them like we can with missions and strikes, so if you would like to help us with Ghost Scans, follow the above guide but submit your new post to the Ghost Scan Transcripts category and update one of the following tracker posts.

Storyline Missions


Activity Assigned Link Processed
Dynasty- Asher’s Theory @pirate_dani Dynsaty Quest- Asher's Theory
Dynasty- Calculated Action @pirate_dani Dynasty Quest- Calculated Action
Dynasty- Gratitude @pirate_dani Dynasty Quest- Gratitude
Dynasty- Premeditation @pirate_dani Dynasty Quest- Premeditation
Dynasty- The Long Play @pirate_dani Dynasty Quest- The Long Play
Exodus Black- My Captain @pirate_dani link
Exodus Black- O Captain @pirate_dani link
Exodus Black- Simulation of Grief @pirate_dani link
Exodus Black- Thinking About Death @pirate_dani link
Enemy of my Enemy- At Full Power @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- At Full Power
Enemy of my Enemy- A Visit to Command @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- A Visit to Command
Enemy of my Enemy- Chances and Choices @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- Chances and Choices
Enemy of my Enemy- Data Requisition @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- Data Requsition
Enemy of my Enemy- Lighting the Dark @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- Lighting the Dark
Enemy of my Enemy- Report to Sloane @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- Report to Sloane
Enhance- A Second Opinion @pirate_dani link
Enhance- Differential Diagnosis @pirate_dani link
Enhance- Experimental Treatment @pirate_dani link
Enhance- Follow Up Appointment @pirate_dani link
Enhance- Initial Consultation @pirate_dani link
Patrols- Return to Cayde-6 @pirate_dani Patrols Quest- Return to Cayde-6
Patrols- The Importance of Networking @pirate_dani Patrols Quest- The Importance of Networking


Activity Assigned Link Processed
A Frame Job @pirate_dani Adventure- A Frame Job
A New Frontier @pirate_dani Adventure- A New Frontier Transcript :white_check_mark:
Anti-Anti-Air wilbsorama Adventure- Anti-Anti Air Transcript :white_check_mark:
Arecibo HipNuts Adventure- Arecibo
Bad Neighbors XonVisniyr Adventure- Bad Neighbors
Calling Them Home @pirate_dani Adventure- Calling Them Home
Cliffhanger @pirate_dani Adventure- Cliffhanger
Dark Alliance @pirate_dani Adventure- Dark Alliance
Deathless @pirate_dani Adventure- Deathless
Deep Conversation @pirate_dani Adventure- Deep Conversation
Exodus Siege @pirate_dani Adventure- Exodus Siege Transcript :white_check_mark:
Getting Your Hands Dirty @pirate_dani Adventure- Getting Your Hands Dirty
Hack the Planet @pirate_dani Adventure- Hack The Planet
Invitation from the Emperor @pirate_dani Adventure- Invitation from the Emperor
Lost Crew @pirate_dani Adventure- Lost Crew Transcript :white_check_mark:
No Safe Distance Wilbsorama Adventure: No Safe Distance
Poor Reception @pirate_dani Adventure- Poor Reception
Postmodern Prometheus @pirate_dani Adventure- Postmodern Prometheus
Red Legion, Black Oil @pirate_dani Adventure- Red Legion, Black Oil
Release @pirate_dani Adventure- Release Transcript :white_check_mark:
Reversing the Polarity @pirate_dani Adventure- Reversing The Polarity
Road Rage @pirate_dani Adventure- Road Rage
Siren Song @pirate_dani Adventure- Siren Song
Stop and Go wilbsorama Adventure-Stop and Go Transcript :white_check_mark:
Supply and Demand @pirate_dani Adventure- Supply and Demand
Thief of Thieves @pirate_dani Adventure- Thief of Thieves
Unbreakable @pirate_dani Adventure- Unbreakable
Unexpected Guests XonVisniyr Adventure- Unexpected Guests Transcript :white_check_mark:
Unsafe at Any Speed @pirate_dani Adventure- Unsafe at Any Speed

I am working on the Red War Missions right now. I have the first three missions edited, just need to transcribe them. They should be done over the weekend. Depends how back the hurricane is.

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You have to put your name next to the ones you are doing. Otherwise people will end up doing the same thing as you, and all your hard work will be for nothing.

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Just to add to this, don’t put your name against lots of them, as this will block other people. Pick one, put your name next to it, finish it, pick another. :+1:


We need to expand Shard of the Traveller. Its different for each subclass

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@baxter can we generate a list of Adventures to transcribe as well? Or will we have to create one ourselves?


I didn’t notice a difference in lines for the new Subclasses, only that Voidwalker and the others have quests.

Spark is the same accross all the 3 classes and is part of the main campaign. It’s the mission when en we get our light back.

Shard of the traveller is different for each of the 6 subclasses it can be played for. It’s the one where we get our old classes back.

Two different missions. Same place, different story.

The first subclass mission for each class has the same Ghost dialogue, but different “Lessons”. I went through and recorded all of the individual lessons for Voidwalker and Striker, but I don’t have a complete transcript for the Ghost. I’ll post that footage tonight.

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I can’t record videos but I can transcribe if need be. But the videos are a major part so…

I feel kind of silly asking this, but how do I edit the post? I want to do some work! :slight_smile:

On the bottom right corner of the post, there is an edit button.

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Hmm. I see the button on my post but not on the post with the Storyline Mission list.

I suspect that, because your account is very new, you’re not able to edit posts yet! I didn’t realise this. Let me look into it, but you may have to wait before that capability is allowed. Sorry! :frowning:

No problem, but I am going to get started on the Shard of the Traveler (Striker) quest then.

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I can edit your name into it for you.

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I have some information about dialog that I have not seen be discussed anywhere, that I would like to throw out there.

In Destiny 2 there are a lot of “nods” to returning players from Destiny 1, these nods come in the form of alternative dialog. I can give a specific example by talking about the mission “Spark”. Me and my brother have started playing Destiny 2 together, him being a brand new player with a brand new PSN account where as I have played since dark below. While playing the mission Spark at the same time, in the same room, I herd a discrepancy between our dialogs. When you see the Fallen for the first time in the mission and the ghost says “Those are not any house colors we have ever seen” in his game it said something along the lines of " Those were the Fallen, scavengers that worship machines"

These sort of alternative dialog options happen all throughout the game, we have noticed. Another example would be when Cayde is talking about the Tank. “Are we talking Gjallarhorn special, or Ikora philosophy lesson special?” he has said in all three character playthroughs of mine, but in my brothers it just says “How special are we talking?”.

There are several more I can think of put this post is long already, please forgive me, I have never posted on a form before and can not provide evidence because I am at work. Let me know if I have broken any rules, I just really wanted to share this. Thank you!


Is the European Dead Zone section the time we fly in and meet Devrim before Combustion? If so I have that transcribed.

I can do the Nightstalker shard mission, but my account is too new to edit the post. Can someone add my name there for me?