Adventure: Hephaestus

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Name: Adventure: Hephaesteus
Recorded: 2018.05.11


++Braytech Futurescape, Hellas Basin, Mars

Zavala: We have a problem that requires your attention. The Vanguard did a sweep of existing Bray Archives. We found references to the Hephaesteus Index. The index is a weapons development database. If our enemies gain access to it, they could reverse-engineer dangerous ordinance. I’ve located multiple access terminals that house the data. Destroy them.

**Guardian destroys the first terminal

Ghost: Zavala, we’ve successfully destroyed the first terminal.
Zavala: Excellent work. Destroy the next terminal.

**Guardian destroys the 2nd terminal

Ghost: The hard data has been eradicated. Now we-
Ana Bray: Hey, wait! I scrambled the Vanguard channel so we can have a private conversation. Look, Zavala is right about the risk, but you can’t just destroy history.
Ghost: I understand how you feel, Ana. But what do you suggest we do?
Ana Bray: Do what Zavala says. Just… make me a copy. I’ll be able to study the index, and Zavala won’t have to worry about our enemies exploiting it.
Ghost: All right. We’ll take care of it.

**Guardian travels to the data backups

++Alton Dynamo, Hellas Basin, Mars

**Guardian allows Ghost to hack into a terminal in the server room.

Ghost: Let’s establish a preliminary connection between the network and Ana’s relay.
Ana Bray: Connection established! Looks like the deleted data is still on two backup server shards. Access them, and I can recompile it.
Ana Bray: Slight complication. The Hive found you.
Ghost: We can handle the Hive, even the frozen kind. Just keep the network open!

**Guardian fights the Hive and accesses the first Data Backup

Ana Bray: That’s one piece of the deleted data! It’s not pretty, but with both halves I can reassemble it.

**Guardian runs across the server room, dispatches more frozen Hive, and accesses the second Data Backup

Ana Bray: Great, we’ve got all the data, but I need extra computing power for the reassembly. Get to the main terminal.

**Guardian hacks into the main terminal

Ghost: Beginning assembly.

** More Hive appear. The Guardian defends the terminal from the Hive until the data is recompiled
Zavala: Guardian, what are you doing?
Ana Bray: They’re helping me, Zavala. The Hephaesteus index is an incredible resource. We can’t lose it. I need you to trust me.
Zavala: Do I really have any other option?

// NOTE If Hive reach the terminal
Ana Bray: Keep the Hive away while I’m working!

** The data is recompiled
Ana Bray: Zavala, thank you. The index is safely offline, and we can use it to recreate Golden Age tech. Think of what we can make!
Zavala: I am, Anastasia. And if this information ever becomes a problem, I will hold you personally responsible.
Ana Bray: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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@Wilbsorama could you please edit your video so that the parts with fighting against enemies and moving from one place to another are removed? We only need footage of the dialogue. Thank you!

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Oops! Sorry dude, didn’t see this post before I uploaded the video for Psionic Potential. I’ll be sure to do it for Incursion and Deathly Tremors. Any idea what changed? I’ve been uploading full gameplay of all the stuff I’ve transcribed, and never been knocked for it until now. Just curious

We’ve always had that rule, and we should have always been following it.

In the past I’ve been the one doing almost all of the Transcript conversion, and I’ve been having to balance that with all of the other work that I need to do for the Ishtar Collective. I would usually just quickly check the video to ensure there were no errors, but really I should have been asking people to edit things.

So all that has changed is that we’ve gone back to following the rules :slight_smile:

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Ah. Whoops! So sorry. I’ll be sure to edit down future videos

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