Transcript Guide


Video guidelines

  • Record the game with subtitles enabled
  • Never edit cutscenes or cinematics
  • Cut out action when nothing else interesting is happening (we are a lore community after all)
  • Focus on recording the speech of the characters
  • If a Ghost Scan or another kind of event takes place within a larger event, e.g. a Mission or a Strike, then it’s good for it to be recorded twice, once in the Mission or Strike, and again in a separate video just for that smaller event

Transcript guidelines

  • If there’s a difference between the subtitles and the spoken word, prefer the spoken word
  • Include place names if they make sense
  • Include the place name where the Guardian lands, but not while they are flying there (unless something unusual happened)
  • Describe actions taking place if they are relevant. Use the present tense, e.g.
    • “Ghost hacks into Gondola”, not “Ghost hacked into Gondola”
    • “Guardian defeats Crota”, not “After Crota is defeated”
  • If an important character is silent then still mention them (e.g. the Exo Stranger watching from the background)
  • Mention named enemies

Variations in dialogue

Recording variations in dialogue is awesome, and if you can edit them into your video, great! But don’t worry if you can’t capture every variation. Our philosophy is that it is better to have one variation finished than to have every possible variation in progress for weeks. Using playlists it is possible to add videos of dialogue to a Transcript later.

General Rules

  • By submitting a Transcript you accept that the Ishtar Collective can use your submission on their website, and that content creators are free to use your videos provided they give you credit for recording and transcribing.
  • Sometimes when a Transcript is submitted we might ask for further changes to be made. If these changes are not made within a reasonable timeframe then we reserve the right to allow someone else to transcribe the activity.

Transcript Example

Name: Cayde's Stash
Recorded: 2016.03.24


// NOTE Locations should be listed as they appear in game, generally like this:

++ The Tower, The Last City, Earth

// NOTE Character dialogue should look like "Speaker: Dialogue", and the same name should be used throughout, e.g. if you use Cayde-6, don't switch to Cayde halfway through.

Cayde-6: A cheeky comment.
Ikora: A clever comeback.
Zavala: Something important.

// NOTE Actions should always be written in the present tense

** Zavala rolls his eyes
** Cayde-6 looks concerned
** The Guardian defeats Sweeper Bot in a game of rock, paper, scissors

// NOTE Notes can be used to give additional context.
// NOTE Like this.

// NOTE Sections of dialogue that are optional, or alternatives, should be marked with an optional block.

  Tess Everis: Naturally I had to send the whole shipment back.
  Tess Everis: Fenchurch is my uncle.

// NOTE If optional dialogue has certain criteria then mention it within the optional block as a note

  // NOTE If you are carrying Wormspore
  Eris Morn: You smell nice today.

// NOTE You can also make references to existing Entries/Cards/Transcripts/Items

// REFERENCE {card:Ghost Fragment: Jupiter}

The above text would produce the following transcript when processed:

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Hey @baxter will you post a new page for sign-ups to transcribe Warmind? There’s a lot to do!


Yes :slight_smile: I don’t know when exactly though, hopefully soon!


Time for some more transcribing!