Adventure-Stop and Go Transcript

Name: Stop and Go
Recorded: 2017.28.09


++The Gulch, European Dead Zone, Earth

**Guardian Starts the Adventure

Devrim: Ah, it’s you again, excellent! We have a unique opportunity.

Cayde-6: My dear Devrim, you just said the magic words.

Devrim: Cayde-6, so glad you could join us.

Cayde-6: Course you are. Listen, Guardian, we’ve got a unique opportunity. Tell’em Dev.

Devrim: Ugh. The Red Legion’s looking to upgrade the power systems in their base. For a limited time, they’ve switched to backup generators.

Cayde-6: Which means they’ll have beefed up the security.

Ghost: I can handle that part. Red Legion troops in the area will have security keys. Get me enough of those and we’re in.

**Guardian kills Red Legion troops near the mouth of the tunnel, procuring Security Data Fragments.

Ghost: Got it. That’s enough to synthesize a new access code and get us inside.

Cayde-6: You can make a key by shooting bad guys? I gotta talk to my Ghost.

Devrim: Ugh. The Legion’s a bit paranoid about Security. That code won’t last long.

Cayde-6: The best things never do. Get a move on you two.

**Guardian proceeds into the Tunnels.

**Guardian plugs the security code into a nearby console.

Ghost: Forcefield down, but there are more, a lot more.

Cayde-6: This is getting too complicated. Isn’t there anything you can….you know, blow up?

**Guardian destroys an explosive next to a forcefield, triggering a 30 second countdown timer, and the barrier to disappear.

Ghost: Uh,we’re in trouble! Their defenses are linked to the alarm system.

Ghost: Actually…

Devrim: Ah, Guardians.

Cayde-6: Ooh, smart…I mean, oh no!

Devrim: If they are connected, deactivating the barriers should buy you time before the alarm sounds.

**Guardian destroys more explosives, dropping more barriers, and proceeding through the tunnels.

Ghost: That’s the last one! And I’ve got a read on those backup generators ahead.

Devrim: Finally, our real target, take them out and the sudden power loss should overload all connected systems.

Cayde-6: Ah. I wish I could be there for the explosions. I never get to see the good stuff.

**Guardian destroys all 9 backup generators.

Ghost: Take that Red Legion, now we have the power.

Cayde-6: Uh, not wild about that one. Whaddya think, Dev?

Devrim: I think you should stick to the clever turns of phrase. Their actions speak louder than words. Especially yours.

Cayde-6: Come on, how did I end up the jerk here?

Devrim: One of life’s great mysteries, I suppose.

**The Adventure ends.

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