Adventure- The Up and Up


Name: The Up and Up
Recorded: 2018.1.3 (ver. 4)

++ The Lighthouse, Mercury
** Guardian Starts Adventure

Sagira: The Vex run all kinds of things in the Forest now, including combat tests on Fallen. They’re planning some kind of invasion, possibly on Nessus.

Ghost: You want us to ruin their test case? We’ve got guns. We can do that.

Osiris: Guardian. Ghost. I’ve obtained the coordinates to a Vex combat test within the Forest, designed to study the fighting capabilities of the Fallen. They must be preparing for an invasion.

Ghost: We’ve got this. The Vex can’t study the Fallen if we delete them. }

Osiris: The Vex are simulating the Fallen’s capability for retreat. I need you to attack it and destabilize their experiment.

Sagira: All this predicting, and they never predict we’re going to air-drop the Guardian on them. Again. }

Sagira: Ghost! Guardian! The Vex are running a combat loop against Fallen hostiles.

Ghost: But it won’t be much of a test if we get rid of all those simulated Fallen.

Sagira: Exactly. }

++ Infinite Forest, Fields of Glass, Mercury
** Guardian Enters Infinite Forest

Ghost: If these readings are correct, the destination gateway is heavily protected. This simulation must be valuable.

Sagira: There’s nothing more the Vex value more than unique data.

Sagira: Osiris and I are running cover for you by causing a little chaos in a nearby simulation. But the Vex know we’re interested in this Fallen experiment too. Expect a… strong response.

Ghost: Always. }

** Guardian Exits Infinite Forest

Ghost: So… the Vex have moved on to experimentation with the Fallen. Is it too much to hope they’ll destroy each other?

Osiris: Don’t hope. We’ll deal with them ourselves.

Osiris: The Vex controlling the simulation have been alerted to your presence. They’ve begun to shift the terrain. }

Sagira: The Vex are aware of your presence. They’re manipulating platforms to slow you down. Remember: get in, eliminate the Fallen, and get out. }

Ghost: Why simulate the Fallen? They’ve never been weaker.

Osiris: The Vex intend to erase all other life-forms. Powerful or weak. Affluent or destitute. Anywhere we can stop them, we must. }

** Guardian Enters Simulation
++ Simulant Present/Future

Osiris: Remember, you will not have much time to act. Move with purpose, and strike with intent.

Sagira: C’mon, he/she gets it! This is one of MY Guardians we’re talking about.

Sagira: By the way, the Vex have you on a time limit. Don’t let those Fallen escape!

Ghost: We can handle it. }

Ghost: They’re not wasting any time. And neither should we. }

** Guardian Defeats Two Fallen Guards
** Platforms Appear

Ghost: There! Those platforms!

Sagira: You’re doing great. Just don’t think about what happens if you fall.

Ghost: Great. Now I’m thinking about it. }

Osiris: I have seen evidence that leads me to believe the phasing platforms shift between different realities.

Sagira: Vex - always have to do everything the hard way. }

** Guardian Uses Platforms

Sagira: If it helps, try not to look down.

Sagira: More platforms. And this is why the Vex have no sense of humor. Or friends. }

** Guardian Reaches Top of Platform Set

Osiris: You are near the target. Do what you must to stop the Fallen.

Ghost: We know how to do that.

Osiris: The combination of constants and variables in this simulation is fascinating. Rigid structure in movement, dynamism in engagement, all within a strict framework. Beautiful. Unfortunately, I must destroy it when you’re finished. }

Osiris: the simulation window is closing, but you are near the payload that the Fallen are trying to extract. }

** Guardian Kills Cache Defender Within Time Limit

Osiris: Excellent. Another reality path closed to the Vex.

Sagira: Told you they were good.

Sagira: Nice. One more Vex master plan thwarted.

Osiris: There will be others.

Sagira: And we’ll stop them too. Just enjoy the moment.}

** Guardian Does Not Kill Cache Defender in Time

Ghost: We’re running out of time.

Osiris: Enemies are closing on your position. We’ve lost our chance to deny the Vex information, but we can still destroy the Fallen.

** Guardian Destroys Fallen

Osiris: Take heart. Even thought the Vex retrieved their data, your efforts may have already altered its usefulness.

Sagira: Hmm. I wonder if they predicted that. }

** Guardian Does Not Kill Cache Defender in Time

Ghost: All hostiles down. The Vex got the data, but this bunch isn’t getting up again.

Sagira: A few less bad guys running around the Infinite Forest? I’m OK with that. }

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