Help us transcribe Curse of Osiris (and Destiny 2)!

Hello! This is a follow-up to our previous post, Help us transcribe Destiny 2!.

If you’d like to help us transcribe here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick an activity from the list below. Edit this post to replace [assignee] with your @name.
  2. Record a video of that activity.
  3. Edit the video to remove any irrelevant parts.
  4. Upload your video somewhere (it doesn’t have to be youtube, but we might upload it to the Ishtar Collective youtube channel if we can’t embed it).
  5. Transcribe the audio following our Transcript Guide.
  6. Post your video and transcript in a new topic, and edit this topic to replace [link] with a link to your topic.
  7. Receive the love and adoration of all of us at the Ishtar Collective! :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:

Thank you @unisys12 for compiling these lists!

Ghost Scans

There are hundreds of Ghost Scans and we can’t easily compile a list of them like we can with missions and strikes, so if you would like to help us with Ghost Scans, follow the above guide but submit your new post to the Ghost Scan Transcripts category and update one of the following tracker posts.


Release Activity Assigned Link Processed
D2 (Example) Exclusion Zone @ZeeFour Exclusion Zone Transcript :white_check_mark:
D2 Chosen [assignee] [link]
D2 Combustion @VulshokBersrker Combustion Transcript
D2 Riptide @Baginsses [link]
D2 Shard of the Traveler (Voidwalker) HipNuts Shard of the Traveler (Voidwalker) :white_check_mark:
D2 Shard of the Traveler (Gunslinger) @VulshokBersrker [link]
D2 Tower [assignee] [link]
CoO A Deadly Trial @MxEris [link]
CoO A Garden World @Wilbsorama Curse of Osiris: A Garden World Transcript :white_check_mark:
CoO Beyond Infinity (inc talking to Ikora) @pirate_dani Curse of Osiris: Beyond Infinity Transcript :white_check_mark:
CoO Deep Storage HipNuts Curse of Osiris: Deep Storage Transcript :white_check_mark:
CoO Hijacked @pirate_dani Hijacked Transcript :white_check_mark:
CoO Omega @pirate_dani Omega Transcript :white_check_mark:
CoO The Gateway @pirate_dani The Gateway Transcript :white_check_mark:
CoO Tree of Probabilities @pirate_dani Tree of Probabilities :white_check_mark:


With all of their varying dialogue, the Transcripts for Strikes tend to be a collaborative effort. Follow one of the links below to help!

Release Activity Link Editor Ready for Processing Processed
D2 The Arms Dealer The Arms Dealer Strike [assignee]
D2 Exodus Down Exodus Down Strike [assignee]
D2 The Pyramidion The Pyramidion Strike [assignee]
D2 Savathun’s Song Savathuns Song Strike [assignee]
CoO A Garden World A Garden World Strike [assignee]
CoO Tree of Probabilities Tree of Probabilities Strike [assignee]


Release Activity Assigned Link Processed
D2 Dynasty - Asher’s Theory @pirate_dani Dynasty Quest - Asher's Theory
D2 Dynasty - Calculated Action @pirate_dani Dynasty Quest- Calculated Action
D2 Dynasty - Gratitude @pirate_dani Dynasty Quest- Gratitude
D2 Dynasty - Premeditation @pirate_dani Dynasty Quest- Premeditation
D2 Dynasty - The Long Play @pirate_dani Dynasty Quest- The Long Play
D2 Exodus Black - My Captain @pirate_dani Exodus Black Quest- My Captain
D2 Exodus Black - O Captain @pirate_dani Exodus Black Quest- O Captain
D2 Exodus Black - Simulation of Grief @pirate_dani Exodus Black Quest- Simulation of Grief
D2 Exodus Black - Thinking About Death @pirate_dani Exodus Black Quest- Thinking About Death
D2 Enemy of my Enemy - At Full Power @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- At Full Power
D2 Enemy of my Enemy - A Visit to Command @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- A Visit to Command
D2 Enemy of my Enemy - Chances and Choices @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- Chances and Choices
D2 Enemy of my Enemy - Data Requisition @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- Data Requsition
D2 Enemy of my Enemy - Lighting the Dark @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- Lighting the Dark
D2 Enemy of my Enemy- Report to Sloane @pirate_dani Enemy of My Enemy Quest- Report to Sloane
D2 Enhance - A Second Opinion @pirate_dani Enhance! Quest- A Second Opinion
D2 Enhance - Differential Diagnosis @pirate_dani Enhance! Quest- Differential Diagnosis
D2 Enhance - Experimental Treatment @pirate_dani Enhance! Quest- Experimental Treatment
D2 Enhance - Follow Up Appointment @pirate_dani Enhance! Quest- Follow Up Appointment
D2 Enhance - Initial Consultation @pirate_dani Enhance! Quest- Initial Consultation
D2 Patrols - Return to Cayde-6 @pirate_dani Patrols Quest- Return to Cayde-6
D2 Patrols - The Importance of Networking @pirate_dani Patrols Quest- The Importance of Networking
CoO Legends Lost - Signal Light @Sekuiya Quest: Legends Lost - Signal Light
CoO Legends Lost - Not Even The Darkness @Sekuiya Quest: Legends Lost - Not Even the Darkness


Release Activity Assigned Link Processed
D2 Dark Alliance @pirate_dani Adventure- Dark Alliance
D2 Deathless @pirate_dani Adventure- Deathless
D2 Deep Conversation @pirate_dani Adventure - Deep Conversation
D2 Getting Your Hands Dirty @pirate_dani Adventure - Getting Your Hands Dirty
D2 Hack the Planet @pirate_dani Adventure - Hack The Planet
D2 Invitation from the Emperor @pirate_dani Adventure - Invitation from the Emperor
D2 No Safe Distance Wilbsorama Adventure: No Safe Distance
D2 Poor Reception @pirate_dani Adventure - Poor Reception
D2 Postmodern Prometheus @pirate_dani Adventure - Postmodern Prometheus
D2 Red Legion, Black Oil @pirate_dani Adventure - Red Legion, Black Oil
D2 Reversing the Polarity @pirate_dani Adventure - Reversing the Polarity
D2 Road Rage @pirate_dani Adventure - Road Rage
D2 Siren Song @pirate_dani Adventure - Siren Song
D2 Supply and Demand @pirate_dani Adventure - Supply and Demand
D2 Thief of Thieves @pirate_dani Adventure - Thief of Thieves
D2 Unbreakable @pirate_dani Adventure - Unbreakable
D2 Unsafe at Any Speed @pirate_dani Adventure - Unsafe at Any Speed
CoO The Up and Up HipNuts Adventure - The Up and Up
CoO The Runner @wilbsorama Adventure: The Runner
CoO Bug in the System @VulshokBersrker [link]

Thanks! Will be transcribing Adventures as soon as possible, tonight probably

I thought Chosen, Riptide, Gunslinger and Tower had been allocated?

Agreed…has the assignment just timed out?
and I couldve sworn Gunslinger was completed

chosen was picked up by @NanoSpectro
riptide was @VulshokBersrker
gunslinger was @MyNinjaH8sU
tower was @InSearchOfExo

To those mentioned above. Do you still wish to transcribe those missions? If you do, please re-enter your names above

@baxter question.

According to the mission logs, and DIM there were two ‘talk too’ missions.

Speak to Ikora Rey- Talk to Ikora Rey in the City.
Talk to Ikora Rey- Go to the Last City to speak with Ikora Rey.

Now, in the Red War campaign, you didn’t include them in the list of dialogue to be transcribed. (which, for the record, is nuts) The question therefore is; do we include them as a separate transcript, ignore them, or tag them onto the end of the preceding mission. (Which raises another question. Speak to Ikora comes after Beyond Infinity, but before Deep Storage. Beyond Infinity ends with us going to see Ikora because we don’t know what to do. Ikora then tells us to go to the Pyrimadion. So, do we tag it onto the end of Deep Storage (which doesn’t make sense) or the beginning of Deep Storage (which is wrong for formating.)

I’ll do one of the CoO missions, just give me any random one of them.

No. It doesn’t work like that. Remember, the missions are not easily replayable. So, you have to pick one that you know you can get footage for. And then put your name by it. You pick your own assignment.

What is nuts, exactly?

The list of missions on Destiny 2 topic were pulled from the API. If there is dialogue in the game and it is related to a mission then it should be captured. But I’m not going to add a Transcript to the Ishtar Collective if it’s called “Talk to Ikora Rey”. That’s a pretty terrible title. There could be 100 missions called “Talk to Ikora Rey” over the lifespan of Destiny.

I am happy for the dialogue from those missions to be included at the end of the preceding mission, or onto the beginning of the next mission, or even both. But if neither of those options make sense then we can always come up with a better name than “Talk to Ikora Rey”.

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They are not all entitled ‘Talk to such and such’ Some of them are, but it looks like Bungie were careful not to double down on the titles. In CoO, one is ‘talk’ and the other is ‘speak’. In vanilla we have

Between Riptide and Utopia we have to speak to Sloane. The flavour text for that was- To strike back against the Red Legion, their transmissions need decrypting. Sloane has an idea.

Between Six and Sacrilege we have to speak to Failsafe. Flavour text for that is- Cayde has left Nessus to join up with Zavala. Before you leave for Io, meet Failsafe face to face.

Between Sacrilege and Fury we have to speak to Asher Mir. Flavour text- Asher Mir has an idea for how to deal with the Almighty. Find him in the Rupture.

There are at least 18 of these ‘speak to such and such’ during the campaign. 5 are back to back right at the end.

So, I agree that having a separate page for a single one is a little ridiculous, I really don’t think they should be left out. The next mission doesn’t make sense if you don’t have the dialogue from the meet. For example, at the end of Beyond Infintiy, we know we have to find Panoptes. Yet the next mission we are heading into the Pyrimidion on Nessus… The only way that the continuity follows is if you include the dialogue with Ikora who has the idea to find a map of the infinite forest in the Pyrimidion.

So, my question is, where does the ‘meet’ dialogue get tagged onto?

I can do Chosen. Do I need to do something or should I just start transcribing?

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You have completed step 1, now you just need to complete steps 2 to 7 :slight_smile:


@Wilbsorama When you do A Garden World, do you mind capturing what Ikora says when you have to see her after the mission.

I won’t be able to, unfortunately. I have captured the mission, and the cutscene after, but unfortunately no

Hi all! it occurs me to that the adventures on Mercury don’t exist on this list. I’ll happily fix this. In addition, the Mercury World quest should probably also be transcribed. I’m updating the list presently.


Can’t find a better place to ask this - The ‘help us transcribe D1’ post has been archived, but not everything has been done… is anyone looking at finishing this so the lore is accessible, or did I just volunteer?

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@Raven85 I think that all of the activities that still needed transcribing were copied over to this post.

And yes, please transcribe anything that has not yet been transcribed :smiley:

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The following activities are assigned to people, but haven’t been updated in a while… I think… Could you please have a look and see if you still want to do these? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the wait, i’ll try and get it done this week.

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