Adventure- Unexpected Guests Transcript

Name: Unexpected Guests
Recorded: 2017.10.03


++ Lost Oasis, Echo Mesa, Io

Ikora: Guardian. My agents report that the Taken are gathering at a Cabal camp near you current position, but we have no idea why. I would appreciate your insight.
Asher: So what if the Taken are gathering? They’re not bothering us. With a little peace and quiet, I might be able to do some real work.
Ikora: The Taken are an army without a commander, Asher. If we leave them ‘with a little peace and quiet,’ they might crown a new king.

** The Guardian travels to Terrabase Charon to confirm Ikora’s intel.

++ Terrabase Charon

** Guardian eliminates Taken at Terrabase Charon then pursues them deeper into the base.

++ The Wraith Mines

Ghost: We found a scary portal. Reminds me of the ones we saw on the Dreadnaught.
Ikora: A portal to the Ascendant Realm. The Taken world lies beyond that veil. A new power must be seeking entrance into our world.

** The Guardian moves further into the mines and encounters a glowing Arc Charge.

Asher: You should be able to directly manipulate Io’s hyperparticle dimensions to collapse the portal.
Ghost: Sorry, what?
Asher: Your hands! Use your hands to pick up the energy

** The Guardian picks up the Arc Charge.

Ghost: We’ve got it. Now what?
Asher: Bring it to that portal. You’re fighting entropy with order here. Move!
Ghost: I’m pretty sure that’s our whole job description.

** The Guardian deposits the first Arc Charge at the portal

Ikora: Shadows grow darker in the presence of Light. Fight back, Guardian!

** Taken spawn.

** After defeating the Taken the Guardian locates the second arc energy charge and deposits it next to the portal.

Ikora: Hurry! Whatever is one the other side of that veil has to know you’re trying to seal it in.

** The Guardian destroys Taken blights impeding their passage and locates the third Arc Charge.

** Fighting through Taken the Guardian deposits the third Arc Charge at the portal.

Ghost: Ikora, Something’s coming through.
Asher: How deliciously unexpected.

** Guardian defeats Iraz, Eye of Savathun.

Ghost: Hey, team? The screaming thing from the abyss is dead.
Ikora: That creature was the servant of some higher power. I fear something has claimed Oryx’s crown.
Asher: Yes, yes. Let’s move on. Your intuitions were correct; mine were not. And the Guardian’s prowess in battle was… adequate.


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