Ahkamhara's origins as opposed to the worms

I can’t think if it was on this site or Destinypedia, but i saw somebody wondering where the Ahkamhara came from exactly, and if that place was Venus.

For a while we assumed it to be Venus simply because of the batadactyl confusion as well as the suggestion from grimoire. The Archive describes them as “A species first encountered by humans on Venus, said to resemble dragons” And later, The Ahamkara appeared some time after the Traveler terraformed Venus" Not began but appeared. With the worms’ origins being roughly 4.5 billion years before the Travels entered our system, and the similarities with the “dragons” of Harmony, this makes a lot of sense.

Ghost Fragment: Warlock says, “…How much life sprang up when the Traveler came. Like the Ahamkara.” This Warlock seems somewhat disillusioned to the previous point, but the card’s diction reveals that they are being manipulated by the Ahkamhara, so it’s possible the Dragon is hiding it’s true history. One thing is clear, though - something drew the Ahkamhara to Venus, and it was likely the Traveler.


Another source, that we don’t currently have on the Archive, is Cayde’s Journal:

The coast is different, beautiful and unbroken and timeless. It teems with new life. Every big brain in the system has their sights on the Academy.
We were there for the Ahamkara, parasitic reptilian critters that appeared out of thin air. Inexplicable genome. New proteins. So much potential.

(From Destinypedia ;))

Which also suggests they were on Venus, and that they appeared from nowhere.


Aha! There’s that appeared again. And assuming it was because the Traveler showed up, maybe Harmony was the same situation.

no yeah, it’s definitely suggested that the Ahamkara came with the Traveler, like they followed to to Earth (like most of the current threats in game). But they were first encountered on Venus. It’s also suggested that there’s at least one Ahamkara out on Europa, but its more of a rumor that’s brought up after the Great Ahamkara Hunt occurs.

But yeah, its most likely that they are trying to hide their own origins. I mean, if i was a powerful wish granting dragon, i wouldn’t want an army of undead warriors coming after me, or maybe i would?

Ahkamhara on Europa? I feel like I’ve seen that reference before. Where is it exactly?

Well, the description says Jupiter, but… its just a ball of gas, and Europa is already involved in Destiny so its the next best place.

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Item description, figures. Well, we don’t know what happened to Jupiter - the Traveler took cover there during its first few cycles in our system, according to Ghost Fragment: Jupiter.

"Even the largest body lets itself be pushed where it needs to be, seduced into nice, warm loving orbits. Persistence is the key.

Seafloors transform and then yank themselves skyward, shattering the icy crust. New worlds awaken in the swirling depths.

You build homes around this half-born sun ripped by storms and supersonic wind."

It seems to imply that Jupiter was terraformed much like Venus and now has a surface, as Saturn was rumored to in Destiny 2 a while back.

oh thats interesting! I actually never looked into stuff for Jupiter in Destiny, only for whats been mentioned about Europa (like Cayde being sent there by Clovis Bray)

The Ghost Fragments associated with Alpha Lupi have information on what happened to most of the planets in our system when the Traveler first arrived. It’s definitely worth a read.

oh! thank you, i’ll definitely be sure to check them out

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Can you tell me where exactly it said the “said to resemble dragons” line and the other

Jupiter has a surface, it’s just under the gas

Those were in the Archive summary. So more of a secondary source.

okay so naturally i was curious, and there’s technically no solid (hehehe) evidence that Jupiter doesn’t have a surface, but there’s no evidence that it has one either. the clouds are estimated to be 30 miles thick. Below that there’s apparently a 13,000 mile layer of hydrogen and helium. it also changes from gas to liquid as the depth and pressure increase, which is honestly really neat?

but apparently nothing solid

Indeed. Jupiter’s core composition is, naturally, a mystery.

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…maybe it was Saturn

Ghost Fragment: Saturn has the Traveler actually hiding inside the atmosphere and no mention of terraforming. The card I quoted earlier was indeed Jupiter, which merely suggests a surface; it could as easily mean one or all of its moons. However, I don’t think using scientific data on the planet’s contents in the real world is very helpful where a literal deus ex machina like the Traveler is concerned.

Destiny is supposed to be science fiction, just not “hard” sci-fi. Using actual scientific terms and concepts and empirical data helps put Destiny’s mind-boggling powers into perspective.

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True, but it this specific case, the reality of Jupiter and the state of Jupiter in Destiny may be different because of the fictional elements therein.

I phrased that badly; I don’t mean to discount all scientific insight.

I"m not to sure on this topic per say at least in lore words but there is a theory about the Ahkamhara’s may be possibly the worms next step like as if the worms are changing like a caterpillar (metamorphosis is the word??)