An Important Message

Name: An Important Message
Recorded: 2019.10.05


++ Enduring Abyss, The Moon

** The Guardian finds Ikora looking at the Pyramid.

Ikora Rey: I had to see it with my own eyes… How long has it sat in silence? Watching us?

Eris Morn: Much too long.

** The Guardian and Ikora turn around and see Eris Morn with several phantoms hovering near her.

Ikora Rey: I can’t help but feel responsible for this, Eris. If I hadn’t sent you here —

Eris Morn: Your concern is noted, but my fate is my own responsibility. And we both know you didn’t come here to apologize.

Ikora Rey: I came to tell you… You were right. It seems those responsible for our Collapse… are coming back.

** The phantoms move closer to Eris Morn, then move away when she begins to yell at them.

Eris Morn: QUIET! You’re all insufferable! Save your torment for someone who gives a damn!

Ikora Rey: Eris. The Vanguard is at your disposal.

Eris Morn: Then if you’ll excuse us, Ikora… We have work to do.

Ikora Rey: Guardian. Whatever she needs.

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