Archiving for Collector's Edition Lore on Ishtar Collective

I would love if there was a way to easily access the lore present in the collector’s editions of Destiny releases on Ishtar Collective. Some of the best and most interesting lore is currently in these physical editions. There are reddit threads here and there with imgur links and some transcriptions, and Destinypedia has some decent transcriptions, though some of it is incomplete. However, there are additional lore splurges (letters, pamphlets, code books, etc.) that if you don’t know they exist, you will have a hard time finding them and reading their prospective lore. I would think there is no better place to compile a complete archive of all relevant collector’s edition content than Ishtar Collective.

I would be willing to help out/lead this project- transcribing, gathering digital materials, giving credit to those who have uploaded them, recording puzzles, etc. I think this would be an amazing addition to the site, and as an avid Destiny lore fanatic, the prospect excites me.

The only CE I have is the Leviathan-themed one. If that’s any use, I could add in the stuff from the lil lore book in it, if it’s not already there.