Balancing Discussions

Continuing the discussion from Wielding the Light:

This is an important issue that we all need to observe.

(I know the former iteration of this topic was up for a few hours, but after some thought I changed a few things so I’d appreciate reading to the end.)

This was part of a discussion @baxter and I had about making changes to the community FAQ.

It’s still under consideration (balance is a tough thing and we’re very conflicted) but important enough that we need to start practicing some of it.

You can post a theory or idea on its own with nothing to support it, but it’s likely going to be analyzed and possibly disputed - after all, the goal of our community is discussion.

However, if you are telling someone else they are mistaken, it’s polite and reasonable that you back it up instead of simply saying they’re wrong with no evidence on hand. Destiny lore is important to all of us, and we need to respect it and each other. When we start getting into heated discourse over what’s merely conjecture, it’s time to step back into what we can prove.

It’s true many things in lore are common knowledge, but not everyone is as familiar as the experts. For their sake, we should strive to cite our arguments inclusively.

One final disclaimer: despite the importance of proof and citation, everyone is well within their rights to have an unsupported opinion.

It’s important that we draw the line between encouraging evidence and being hostile because someone hasn’t done the same amount of research. Nobody should be feeling offended, cornered or attacked. We strive not to tear each other down, but to better ourselves and one another.

This is a standard I try to hold myself to, and I hope you all do as well. That way we are the best we can be as a community. A couple of soft rules, for the good of the Commons. :relaxed: