Blighted Chalice

Name: Blighted Chalice
URL (the one with the alternative dialogue):
Recorded: 2017.05.22


The Ocean of Storms, Moon

Eris The Taken King is dead. Yet still his armies writhe and claw at our worlds. Even as you led the assault on the Dreadnaught, a powerful Taken warbeast fled for the safety of the Shrine to Oryx. The would-be Prince Malok works to perfect a dark sorcery. He must be destroyed.

Fireteam lands in the Summoning Pits

Fireteam attacks Hive minions

Ghost Anybody home? Right. Door’s sealed wth runes. Let’s get to work.

Fireteam clears the room, using the fragments to unlock the door

Fireteam go deeper into Circle of Bones, killing minions of Darkness

Eris Toland hinted at secret pathways between our realm and the Ascendant. Malok crawled through the wall of our world to reach these caverns.

Ghost I think she’s just being deliberately creepy now.

– [Alternative dialogue 1] –

Eris Oryx may be gone, but the sympathetic vibrations of his shrine still resonate across the cosmos. There is power here. Great power.

Ghost I was wondering why we were here.

– [End of the alternative dialogue] –

Fireteam hunt Malok through waves of Taken, and enters Shrine of Oryx

Eris Beware the blight, Guardian. Malok’s power is absolute here.

Ghost The blight is the black goo, right? What is that stuff anyway?

Eris Darkness given form by Malok’s cruel will.

– [Alternative dialogue 2] –

Eris The beast is close. I can sense the blight that drips and seethes within.

Ghost How can she see
this stuff with that whole blindfold thing?

Eris I see far better now than I ever did with my own eyes.

– [End of the alternative dialogue] –

Fireteam clears the path to the center of the Shrine

Eris Beware, Guardian. The blight will drain your strength, your speed. Do not let Malok dominate this shrine!

Malok, The Pride of Oryx arrives and attacks the fireteam
Malok summons minions to his aid
Malok is destroyed

Eris Again and again, we have held back the Darkness, though the gods and princes of the Hive hunger for our Light. This our charge, Guardian. This is our fight.

– [Alternative dialogue 3] –

Ghost we’ve taken back the shrine from the Taken. That they took through… taking.

Eris Without Malok to channel Taken energy here, the blight will abate and Oryx’s shrine will quiet. That is my dream, Guardian, that one day the Moon will lie dead and still like the tomb it is.

– [End of the alternative dialogue] –