How to help us create Transcripts [Archived]

Help us transcribe missions, strikes, ghost scans, cinematics and cut-scenes!


So you want to help us with transcripts? Follow these steps!

  1. Pick an activity from the list below and put your @name alongside it.
  2. Record a video of an activity from the list below.
  3. [OPTIONAL] Edit the video to remove any parts that don’t have any dialogue.
  4. Upload your video somewhere. It can be youtube or dropbox or a file sharing site, as long as it’s somewhere that we can either link to or download from!
  5. Create a new topic in the ‘Transcripts’ category, with the title of the activity and the URL of the video
  6. [OPTIONAL] If you’re feeling really generous, transcribe the audio of the video and post that along with your video
  7. Receive the love and adoration of all of us at the Ishtar Collective! :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:

The details

One thing that we’ve tried to do on the Ishtar Collective is to record and transcribe all of the dialogue from Destiny, but covering everything is really tough!

If you’re willing and able, please help us by picking one of the activities below and recording a video. If you’re feeling especially helpful you can even submit a transcript! :grin:

Please post any new transcripts in a separate topic.

Please remember to include:

  • the name of the mission/strike/cutscene…
  • the URL of your video (either a youtube URL or a download URL so we can host it on our youtube channel)
  • the date that the video was recorded
  • if you are including a transcript, a transcript that follows the transcript guidelines

Video guidelines

  • Record the game with subtitles enabled
  • Never edit cutscenes or cinematics
  • Focus on recording the speech of the characters
  • For Story Missions, typically, don’t include Ghost Scans that aren’t directly related to the mission (this is subjective)
  • For Ghost Scans, each Ghost Scan should have its own video

Transcript guidelines

  • If there’s a difference between the subtitles and the spoken word, prefer the spoken word
  • Include place names if they make sense (especially if the location changes abruptly)
  • Include descriptions of events if they would be of interest to the reader
  • Mention characters even if they are silent (e.g. the Exo Stranger)
  • Mention named enemies

Transcript Example

See King of the Mountain.

Activities requiring Transcripts


i would be glad to help! i can do Exclusion Zone!

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Thanks @Cpt_Kex! But actually @ZeeFour PM’d me to say he would do Exclusion Zone :sweat_smile:

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Exclusion Zone done. I’ll make a start on Rising Tide, Buried City, Black Garden and Rockets McDickface.

@baxter I was going to ask… if we want to create these transcripts and recordings, should we just post here to claim a mission or strike - then wait for you to let us know if someone else has communicated with you about doing it. I was hoping to grab members from the FFC Xbox Club and/or Discord server and make it a community thing, but I can see how this would need to be a bit more structured than that.


So I think it was just bad timing with @Cpt_Kex and @ZeeFour picking the same thing at the same time. I think it makes sense to post here to claim an activity, and then once you’re done post your video in a new topic.

@ZeeFour I admire your enthusiasm, but maybe just focus on one at a time for now so that other people have more options to pick up :slight_smile:

Sure thing, makes it less clustered!

@unisys12 I’ve done the Rising Tide mission:slight_smile:. I honestly didn’t realise how many people would have been up for this, which was why I just grabbed a few off the list. I really don’t mind, the more players the easier and faster it gets.:grin: I’m on PS4, so its not really possible to team up on this one. :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t mind handling the ones I’ve mentioned just above here, I’ve got time to make them.

We could message each other here and pick what’s left on the list buddy :+1:


@ZeeFour Roger that…

I will grab Will of Crota. I will not be able to pump these out as fast as @ZeeFour, but I can run it tonight, try to get the editing and transcript done tomorrow or tomorrow night.


Will of Crota is all yours baby.

Both versions of Will of Crota have been captured. Will transcribe each one hopefully tonight. Edit and upload videos tomorrow night. I will post back when completed.

P.S. Finally got my first Grasp tonight while doing this. Roll is Monkey Poo, but who cares. I finally got one to drop! Woot!


@unisys12 Thanks bro. Much appreciated.


@unisys12 thanks so much! Can’t wait to see the videos :smile:

@ZeeFour good work on your recordings so far! :+1:

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I’ll try to knock out The Dust Palace tonight. Cheers!


I am here to claim the Nexus strike…sold!!! to the user with the funny profile pic

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so really to everyone doing this i want to personally thank you, i started doing some of these (Boolean Gemini was my trademark since Baxter used MIDA) and wish i had the time to keep doing them because of just how crazy useful the information is.

you’re doing everyone in the lore community a huge favor and most wont even know it.

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@AnonPig Hey. Thanks for the support :slight_smile:
Just have some free time and willing to help out a fan made site.

There was an issue with me posting “The Buried City” transcript because I managed to reach the maximum posts. So just to make sure no one gets it.

I’ve messaged Baxter to let him know, the video is on YouTube with the full script formatted to this sites preference (written in the description).

Working on Nexus strike just now, I’ll have that out tonight.

Cheers again, see ya soon.

Requesting - Winter’s Run (Original) - Any variants will need to come from strike play lists, if no one else has picked them up once the normal missions/strikes are complete then we can go back through the Strike play lists to catch the Taken/SIVA versions at a later date.

Cheery biscuit