Book: The Godhelm (completed)

The Godhelm (Aethe)

I’ve never really liked the city.
Now don’t get me wrong, its a great place, great people; just not the kinda place I like to be. I guess after the gap things just started getting to me, the city I mean; city just started to bother me. So as I’ve always done, when things start bothering me, I left. There’s a freedom to it you know, leaving everything behind. Its like suddenly your free to do as you wish, act as you will, like you hadn’t been able to do so before. it was nice…
while it lasted at least.

So like I’m sure everyone did when they left, I did some stupid things.
I set up a deadly race between me and some pikes, I Goomba stomped a cabal with a tractor cannon, hell I even tried riding on a war beast, and that doesn’t even cover a quarter of it.
But after those first few years things start to bother you there too. Things change I guess I’m tryn to say. Yea nothing beats that first time you sent that one legionary 10 feet under, laughing as you launch yourself away, but after number 78 comes up and your still doing that same old shit…
well It gets to you. The more I thought about it, the more I missed my gang back at the city, missed the bar, missed everything really.

So after all those long years I’m heading back, just me and my ghost…
feels good.

The Godhelm (Kain)

Dawn grazed over the broken cobbles of a long forgotten place; Once home to many, now only to few. Long forgotten joys filled this place, a family one might even say.

But that was a long time ago. These old stones hold nothing to anyone, yet here I stand. The long forgotten remnant of what could of been, what should of been… but… wasn’t. Being here makes me think about them, remember them…

They deserved better.

Jolly Gilfred, best cook this side of the City. Sly Lamprey, that’s what we called her at least. It was a joke at first, but it stuck.
Silent Aethe, our resident sharpshooter and ironically the loudest of our bunch. And lastly… me; Kai, or Kain if you like.

I doubt it matters now.

We used to sit here, Aeth jokingly going on about how he was gonna rule the world, Lamp flipping her usual coin, Gil heating up tonight’s dinner, I remember it all so vividly.

Maybe that’s why it hurts so much.

Or maybe because… maybe because I wasn’t there to die with them…

The Godhelm (Gilfred)

It was a night like any other… well it would of been if not for that faithful few who arrived at my bar. The first was a boisterous exo who was wearing a comically over-sized wizards hat; laughing and joking as if he had been partying all night. The next was a pale, gaunt, blonde with a haunting look in his eyes, as if he hadn’t slept for a long while. The last was a small awoken who seemed to be smiling and occasionally laughing at the exo’s bad jokes and absolutely horrible fashion sense. Quite the strange group now that I think of it.

The exo introduced himself in a mock Gandalf voice as “Aethe the wise” laughing with his normal voice as he ordered a drink, suddenly calling out “KAI, you want anything?” The blonde, who I now knew as “Kai” shook his head, collapsing on a bar stool only seconds later. The small awoken sighed, muttering “ill go get him” before walking off.

“about your friend over there…” I started,
Aethe looked startled, realizing I hadn’t left to tend to another, responding with
“its been a long night brother, he’ll be alright”

The Godhelm (Lamprey)

As my old mentor used to say:
“life is too long and boring not to do something interesting, take every opportunity to do the most interesting thing possible in that moment… and live your life without regret”
wise words, but not entirely accurate. You see… That was that kinda thinking that got me here.

It was supposed to be an easy mission; get in, grab book, get out. Heh… even thinking that make it seem to good to be true, nothing is ever that easy; But when Aethe came to our place saying he’d found the mission to get us out of our barracks, or our guildhall as Aethe liked to put it. We were more than eager to accept.

The mission was this, some idiot researcher had delved deep into fallen territory for whatever reason and lost his journal, doesn’t sound like much right? But here’s the kicker this guy must of been loaded because he was offering fifty fucking thousand glimmer to whoever could bring it back, around 50 times more than our usual…
should’ve known there would be a catch, but our avarice had peaked and there was no stopping now.

The place was fucking swarming.

Aethe was the first to go, Vandal got his ghost in an ambush and soon enough in a fistfight with the very same vandal he was pushed off a ledge, getting impaled on a spike below…
After watching that… I ran as fast as my legs could take me…

Never saw any of them again.

(A means to an end):
Thank you to all who have been with me through all of this, No.4 is planned to be the last in the series unless in grow tired and decide to do something interesting, I thank you all for the support and help. this has been Mech - 1, and I wish you all a fine day.


though judging by the likes it seems good, some comments would be nice
(will be updating with a new lorecard soon)

It is a good lore card and if it was an actual story it’s good to put it out in small increments so you can get feedback as you go along

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ahh you came just in time for the second card, read on brother read on

Beautifully written (better skill than i can ever achieve), also remember nothing ends

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ahh thank you! honestly I expected the worst but I’m glad at lest one is enjoying it!
I am currently working on no.3 I have been incredibly busy lately so expect few responses on the forum for a few days

That’s fine, I made a new story as well and I made it better than previous stories cause it it is split up into paragraphs (it’s already posted, called diablo the guardian)

A quick bump to get things rolling again, I need ideas for what the next card should be about, as previously stated i have tried multiple times but never finished any due to the lack of… lets call it feeling

Alright, mysterious and I like the direction. It’s interesting to see Aethe as more than just a memey joke character and to see his fireteam too. I think it’s quaint. I am eager to see more and this Kain character seems interesting. Over all I hope to see more and wonder what is to come.

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Aethe, well he may be a meme at times but hes got good reason to be as such, Kain was always a half formed idea in my mind, only now have I actually made a character for him, and right now im spitballing with Gilfred, He was an innkeeper in a past story of mine, trying to incorporate it into here

quick bump for feedback on the newest draft

I might have already said this, but I’ll say it again anyway, I really enjoy the short stories you are writing. It’s kind of refreshing to be able to read it in a minute or two as opposed to some of the other posts that take a long while to read.

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Good! I’m glad your enjoying it, and this is the first I’m hearing of this

I prefer to make longer stories because I just feel like I’d be lazy (no that does not mean I believe these types of stories are lazy) to do so. Because I know I can do so much more. I also believe that I should put lots of detail into these stories because this is the equivalent to my child. Jubi and the gang are like my children and I feel like it’d be neglectful not to pour my heart into each chapter.

As for you… it’s great. I, too, enjoy the short bits that give more insight to each of your characters. Honestly I am intrigued to see if Aethe is developed to have more dimensions to him. Because I sometimes think he may just be a character to be memey with. Which in all honesty, every story needs one because otherwise it may fall victim to taking itself too seriously.

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Yeah and I do enjoy reading your stories and I do think that you make some very well written pieces that are worth reading, it’s just there are so many things that take a good bit of time to read, it can be nice to read something that doesn’t take a while.

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I agree. I especially like Traveler_Spawn’s tales. They’re a good writer. Not gonna lie you guys have boosted up my ego when it comes to writing, I found myself thinking “Ah, finally a challenger” (albeit mostly jokingly) when reading their stories.

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aghast And not when you read mine?!?! so insulting :joy:

on a different note should I find the time I will go re-edit most of the post and fully release no.3, expect it soon!

where is the first one please my good sir

Good sir, I did. But I merely did not mention that as I believe it did not fit at the moment.