Book: Windward Wishes (currently discontinued)

Alright I’ll preface this with my intentions. Ever since the wave of positive feedback I received from my first true CC Book: The Godhelm (completed) I’ve wanted to make another. (edit) after some work, quite a bit of spitballing, and minimal editing I’ve decided to release this once more, Hope you all like it!

Info-Hazardous l

“…and the Sun dawned upon the flagstones on the mountain town of the Enclave. Drunken fellows still stumble out of the nearby bar and the people awake to the humming silence of a days beginnings.
A sense of conviction rolls across the waking people, they work the day away; and after all that’s done the town sleeps…

We do the same goddamn thing every day and I cant Fucking Stand It.
To stagnate is to waste away in a pool of monotony and nothingness and I can feel myself slowly rotting.
Life without the interesting things isn’t a life at all, its an existence carved into the eternal…” -page fragment from the sorrowful few

“Too preachy for me?” He paused. “might still go for something, right? And what of this Enclave? Interesting, interesting.”
Von muttered to himself as he scavenged through the ruins; marking on his map where a collapsed City archive might be before beginning his journey back home.

Arcane l

I called.

It revealed itself.

It’s crushing presence and ceaseless void spanning a into the unknown.

It’s writhing tentacles flailing with a wild abandon.

It spoke, its voice dead and full of venom.

I listened.

“Conceive my ponderous expanse, my coiling length, my body taut with ropes of muscles and bone! Ever changing and ever meaning… and you call me “Dragon” DRAGON! as if I could be limited to your creatures”

The ghost that sat beside me went silent.

The ghost that I was had fallen short.

The only thing that was left; Annihilation

Info-Hazardous ll

Day once more broke on the hidden untouched town of the enclave, and once more its people droned on with their daily activities. Lexicon awoke, it was not something startling, not anything really.
Just one moment ago he lay in rest, and the next he awoke. Lex groggily examined the area around him. The floor lay bare with mountains of books and tomes threatening to crush him.
His “bed” he realized was no more than a blanket hiding even more books underneath.
The window; through the window shone a bright gleam of light, constantly navigating through this maze of a room.
And under the window lied his greatest possession, a desk, and atop it a pen and stacks upon stacks of paper.
Suddenly, a small machine burst out from the corner, no doubt in a attempt to scare the half awake man. Lex smiled looking at the jolly little creature.
“Morning sleepy-head, today is a good day, a fine day indeed, AND Ill be damned if I let you spend such a fine day writing, It is quite the day wouldn’t you agree?” The ghost asked, Lex smiling and replying “yea yea, don’t be so pushy about it you little gremlin”
The ghost feigned insult “GREMLIN?!? Ill have you know…” Their voices trailing off as the duo left the room.

(feedback is greatly appreciated, edits will be done in the morning if I remember)

I think Baxter would like finished products in the CC page.

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ahh alright, ill delete it

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There’s definitely nothing wrong with posting things that are a work in progress, but I think it’d be good to make a bit more progress on this one before sharing :slight_smile:

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Thanks! and I’ll be working on it from here till its at a decent stage of completion

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and now it has been redone and re-released, hope you all enjoy (edit) as for the title, most of my story titles are often meaningless and nonsensical, I wouldn’t put much thought into it

I usually use titles to kinda summarize what a story is about like if I named a lore book bones or the past it’s either hive or ahamkara related

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Ehh you do you, I just go for what sounds good


well sadly this has been quite the flop, bit strange how this didn’t even break 100 views and my last almost got to a thousand… I’m clearly missing part of the formula but I don’t know what… was planning something rather Lovecraft and might write up a couple more drafts

let me give it some thought, likely wont be continuing this on here though unless it suddenly jumps up