Ch.2 The Story Of Epiales

Side note before I get on with the story Ch.1 has been updated. You can check it out here —>Ch.1 The Story Of Epiales .

Now, onto the story…

As Epiales attempts to enter the Hellmouth, Bee senses something, a large force coming towards them.
“Ummm Epiales…Something isn’t right…”
“What do you mean?”
“I sense a large force coming, and it doesn’t seem good.”
Immediately after a giant horde of thrall start popping out of the Hellmouth, in the tens of thousands.
“Holy hell…Bee! Get the ship ready!”
“Already on it!”
As Epiales is shooting at the Thrall, Bee works on getting Epiales to his ship.
“We’re too far! You’ve gotta get closer!”
“On it!”
As Epiales gets close to his ship the horde starts to gain even faster for some reason…
“I Got It!”
And with a flash, Epiales is in his ship taking off.
“Diagnostic Run.”
Functionality 87%
Location: Moon, Hellmouth
“Alright, seems I’m good, how 'bout you Bee?”
“I’m fine. We should be at the Tower in a few minutes.”
“Good, I got too much gear and got a bunch of engrams.”
Epiales and Bee arrive at the Tower
“Hey Epiales, it seems Cayde needs you, so does Zavala. Strange, they won’t say why, just Cayde saying you need to hurry.”
“Alright, it looks like my engrams will have to collect a bit more dust.”
Epiales arrives in the Vanguard meeting room
“You needed me?”
Cayde pipes up
“Uh, yeah. So it was you that just blasted off the moon after trying to go after Crota, right?”
“Yeah. Why?”
Zavala steps up
“Well, you just challenged Crota. And he’s planning on reigning hell for us.”
“Ok, I’m pretty sure that I’ve gotta help so what’s first on the agenda?”
“Thanks to our friend Eris, we can fight back, your job is to kill what she tells you to kill. Go to her, she’ll tell you what you need to do.”
Cayde pops back in
“And Guardian, you’ll need this.”
Cayde tosses Epiales a beautiful hand cannon, it looks like the Ace Of Spades but this one is all black with silver engraving reading “The God Of Nightmares” and other silver accents all over the gun
“Thanks, I’ll make sure to use it to but a bullet in Crotas head.”
“You do that.”
End Of Ch.2

Great story, also it would be interesting to see the perks on that gun

I’ll probably have it released in about an hour or so.

Cool, also Festival of the lost is lit

yes indeed, except for the armor ornaments, im too broke and don’t have enough time to grind out bright dust.