Challenger's Proving: H.E.L.M. Systems & Briefing

Name: Challenger’s Proving: H.E.L.M. Systems & Briefing
Video URL: Challenger’s Proving | H.E.L.M. Systems & Briefing | Season of the Chosen
Playlist URL: Chosen, Season of the (Story) from Destiny Lore Vault
Recorded: 2021.02.09


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++The H.E.L.M., The Last City

**The Guardian interacts with the Umbral Decoder and finds a message from Tyra Karn. There is no spoken dialogue.

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**The Guardian moves to the War Table and activates it. A hologram of Lord Saladin appears.

Lord Saladin: The dragon of your Light roars over Nessus. Our enemies fear you, Guardian.

Lord Saladin: Osiris mentioned you crashed a Cabal ritual they call the Rite of Proving. He seems to think it’s not unlike our Crucible: made for settling scores.

Lord Saladin: I don’t see the resemblance.

Lord Saladin: Scraps of the Red Legion are competing to earn Caiatl’s favor. Just like her, their hands are tied by tradition.

Lord Saladin: They’re forced to meet every challenger, or forfeit their position. We can exploit that.

Lord Saladin: I want you to run down every Cabal commander you can find.

Lord Saladin: If they’re foolhardy enough to accept a fistfight with you, Caiatl’s war council won’t fill a single seat.

Lord Saladin: To that end, Crow has spotted another of the empress’s hopefuls on Europa.

Lord Saladin: They call him Basilius the Golem. He’s looking for Golden Age relics to excavate from the ice.

Lord Saladin: Basilius intends to augment his body, and offer combat enhancements to other Cabal.

Lord Saladin: If he succeeds, it won’t be long before Caiatl has an entire platoon of Exo-Legionaries at her disposal. Get in the way.

**Saladin ends the call.

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