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Would it be possible to consider putting transcript missions in a chronological format instead of a alphabetical format some time in the future.

I was looking for something today, so headed over to the archive (first off, finding transcripts… not under T. Searching… does not bring them up. So I had to think of a random mission name, then click on The Taken King which tantalisingly told me that there were 57 transcripts, but that wasn’t clickable. So I ended up going to Site Map to finally then click on the transcript link… that is NINE steps just because I couldn’t remember the mission name.)

When I finally found the transcripts, I was comparing the events and word phrasing of two missions… except, they should have been next to each other, but the first one (chronologically) was after the second on due to alphabetical sorting, and at midnight, my brain is now dead, and I cant handle this anymore.


I had the same thought before. It is a good idea to have both alphabetical and chronological sides of the transcripts.

This is great feedback!

I’m going to focus on the issue around organising transcripts for now. I think the navigation issue is important but I’d rather keep one thread to one subject, just to avoid confusion. :slight_smile:

I love the idea of sorting transcripts chronologically. One question before starting on that work would be deciding the appropriate order. With some transcripts the order is obvious, like storyline missions. With others, such as missions that exist outside of the main story arc, the order is less obvious. Yes, we could just decide on an order, but I like to avoid that kind of thing as much as possible. With Ghost Scans as well, would they be sorted alongside the missions that they take place in, or would they be sorted separately? Where would strikes go? What about things from patrol, like adventures or lost sectors? Rather than trying to list every transcript in chronological order, would it make sense to list groups of transcripts in chronological order?

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Obviously we don’t really know how this is going to shake out until at least tomorrow but…I’m pretty sure somewhere I heard that the side quests (lost sectors maybe?) are multi-step. Rather than talking abstractly I’ll use a D1 example…the Thorn Quest. Getting this quest is totally random in terms of the storyline/chronology, and it has multiple steps for us to transcribe quotes/mission text. Maybe we could make a category called “exotic quests” and have them each listed alphabetically by weapon: Gjallerhorn, The Last Word, Thorn. Then when you click on Thorn, it lists the transcriptions of each mission step in chronological order (or at least mission step order). Does that make sense?


I have a small amount of experience with websites, took two years of Dreamweaver in high school, If you want any help wit the site, you can show me the way it works and I’ll see if I can help. My knowledge might not be enough for it.