Commons Users, When Do You Post?

Recently I found a few people that do this to pass the time in school. And it got me wondering… where/when do the users of the Commons post? Personally I am like the aforementioned few, doing this in school to pass the time. Comment below if you want to, I’m just curious.


I usually post during school, or when I’ve finished my hw.

you already know my answer

ps im typing this in my math class

I’m always at my computer as a graphic design student, and I usually always have Destiny on the go on my PS4. I’m always checking in here and posting, mostly from home.

@jamesdrgreen Lol same. So most people do this during school? Huh. That’s a bit funny.

Our school gives us Chromebooks, and they didn’t block Commons or Ishtar, so I started using this to past time.
I usually post at school during free time, or after work.

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Mine gives us IPads, same case here. Though they are attempting to add a “Securly” filter that I think will let them see what sites we are visiting so I pray that never happens.

Mostly at work! :smiley: I have a desk job and generally check when I’m taking a break! But I also peek when I’m not gaming at home.

same with me here for some reason they haven’t blocked it I’m guessing its because Ishtar is .net site and not a .com

Tbh, they can see every site I visit, on School wifi and off. But it’s good to know I can talk to ppl who aren’t just a bunch people shared onto the same google doc.

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It is exactly the same here. We have Chromebooks, and it isn’t blocked so I do this to pass the time.

Wow. So many people with the same reasoning. “Job/School is boring. So I do this to pass the time!”

Not just passing the time, also the fact that we all love this game and its story.

Ya. I agree with ya.

Yeah as you know Jubi I am the same, but I also Do it in my free time when I’m reading Lore Tabs when I find things to ask or talk about

Same, I usually like to read new lore and then ask questions. (I had to restate cause it needs to be 20 characters to post).

Yeah sometimes that’s annoying but I see why they have it as such

Yeah, so there is no spamming.

Lol. Well I tend to be a bit more impulsive. A bit of a Hunter Warlock blend. “Ask now. Think later.”

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For me I’m a Hunter at heart and I wait like a real hunter since I actually go hunting with my uncle. It’s fun to find a players weakness and exploit it to the point where they rage quit.