Could we get a Calus category?

I decided to brush up on my Calus lore since we haven’t seen him in awhile and he’ll supposedly be in Penumbra. I realized after trying to find his category that it just doesn’t exist. Would be nice to have a category dedicated to him as he’s a fairly important character.

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I’ve been planning on adding this for a while but never gotten around to it.

Here you go!


Thank you! This also seems a bit random and picky, but could you make sure “It Stared Back” makes it into the category? Searching for Calus won’t ever give you that lore-tab as the name “Calus” isn’t in the card. That happened to be one of the cards I tried to find and I had trouble doing so. Thanks!

And could I ask if you’re planning on categorizing the “Pilgrimage” patrol dialogue from the Dreaming City? There’s a lot of huge lore stuff hidden away in that dialogue. For instance, the Aphelion is given some context in one of them, the large halo ring structures in the sky are explained in another, Orin is noted to have used Queensfoil, etc. There’s tons of pretty big stuff locked away in those.

Edit: Nevermind about the Pilgrimages. I just saw the post about it.

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Please help us transcribe the Pilgrimages! :smiley: