Dark Monastery (Loop 2)

Name: Dark Monastery (Loop 2)
URL: https://youtu.be/1s5Ug7BIA3w
Recorded: 2019.04.29


++ Rheasilvia, The Dreaming City

Awoken Corsair: It’s just like last time. The Scorn are swarming the monastery.

Ghost: Yes. They’re trying to break in. There are Taken occupying the interior.

Awoken Corsair: Bet you the Scorn hate this curse as much as we do.

Ghost: Sympathy for the devil, huh?

Awoken Corsair: Suppose so. I never minded the Eliksni. The Scorn don’t seem so different.

Ghost: Well… We’ll go take a look at the monastery.

** The Guardian heads towards the monastery. They defeat the Scorn which they encounter, including Drekaa, Warmonger Chieftain, as well as the Taken, including Agra, the Stalwart.

++ Harbinger’s Seclude, The Dreaming City

** The Guardian defeats the Scorn which they encounter, including Kruvil, Subversive Chieftain and heads further into the monastery. The Guardian defeats the Taken which they encounter including Teksis, Ascendant Sentinel, Om Air, Ascendant Sentinel, and Yamaat, Ascendant Sentinel. The Guardian heads further into the monastery. Val Belyx, Gauntlet of Incaru appears. The Guardian defeats Val Belyx, Gauntlet of Incaru.

Ghost: Nicely done. Let’s see if that ritual’s any different.

** A portal appears. The Guardian goes through it.

++ Ascendant Plane

** The Guardian finds the ritual site.

Ghost: I think this is a resurrection ritual.

** The Guardian defeats two Priests of Incaru. The Guardian destroys the crystal which was near the Priests of Incaru. A number of Taken suddenly appear.

Ghost: We gotta go; the rift is destabilizing.

** The Guardian runs back to the portal and goes through it, escaping the Ascendant Plane.

++ Harbinger’s Seclude, The Dreaming City

Ghost: Petra, we just shut down that ritual again.

Petra Venj: No differences from last time?

Ghost: None that I noticed.

Petra Venj: Send the mission capture anyway. We’re routing everything through Rasputin for deep analysis.

Ghost: Ask him to pull data for cross-references on resurrection rituals. Anything from the Dreadnaught and Luna.

Petra Venj: Got it.


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