Darkness in the Light - The Corrupted

Name: Quest: The Corrupted, Darkness in the Light
URL: https://youtu.be/hR4-NMuKFeA
Recorded: 2019.10.13


++ Rheasilvia, The Dreaming City

Drifter: Listen, this Lightbearer you’re looking for? His name’s Callum Sol. Like I said, he ran headfirst into the Ascendant Plane. Thanks to those Raider friends of yours, there’s bound to be a portal nearby. Keep your eyes open.

** The Guardian defeats the Scorn, including Avakrii, Temple Claimant, and the Taken, including Ashorc, Temple Claimant. The Guardian searches for a way into the Ascendant Plane. The Guardian finds a ball of energy. Ghost scans the energy.

Ghost: I can extrapolate some data from this energy to find a viable portal.

Drifter: So do it. And watch your back.

Ghost: The Taken are nothing new.

Drifter: Oho, you’re feisty. You kiss your Guardian with that mouth?

Ghost: I don’t have a mouth.

++ Ascendant Plane, Unknown Space

** The Guardian enters the Ascendant Plane. The Guardian defeats the Taken which the encounter. The Guardian finds a portal and goes through it.

++ Temple of Illyn, The Dreaming City

** The Guardian comes through the portal onto an elevator. The Guardian defeats the Taken which appear. Val Talcanth, Bound to Sedia (a Taken Centurion), appears. The Guardian defeats Val Talcanth, Bound to Sedia. Orm Duluz, Bound to Sedia (a Taken Knight), Val Gruuk, Bound to Sedia (a Taken Phalanx), and Val Prosk, Bound to Sedia (a Taken Phalanx) appear, along with more Taken. The Guardian defeats Orm Duluz, Val Gruuk, and Val Prosk as well as the other Taken.

** The Guardian continues further into the temple, defeating any Hive which they encounter, including Shrieker, Bound to Sedia. The Guardian finds another ball of energy. Ghost scans the energy.

Ghost: I’m picking up multiple reverberations of Light. Looks like… two Guardians. Multiple Solar Light discharges. And Void. They’ve torn their way across the Ascendant Plane… I’ve got new coordinates.

Drifter: That’s what I wanted to hear.

Ghost: Who is this other Guardian? What aren’t you telling us?

Drifter: Don’t worry about it. You find Callum. Then maybe we’ll talk.

** The Guardian continues further into the temple, defeating any Hive which they encounter. Yächaar, Bound to Sedia, a Hive Ogre, appears. While fighting against Yächaar, Bound to Sedia, the Guardian is teleported to the Ascendant Plane.

++ Ascendant Plane

** Irûn, Bound to Sedia, a Taken Ogre, appears. The Guardian fights against Irûn, Bound to Sedia. The Guardian is repeatedly teleported back and forth between the temple and the Ascendant Plane until they defeat Yächaar, Bound to Sedia, and Irûn, Bound to Sedia.

** The Guardian continues through the Ascendant Plane towards the coordinates Ghost found, defeating any Taken which they encounter. Eventually the Guardian finds a rock with scorch marks in the shape of a humanoid figure. Before the Guardian can investigate, Yächaar, Bound to Sedia, a Taken Phalanx, appears. The Guardian defeats Yächaar, Bound to Sedia. Ghost scans the scorch marks.

Ghost: Drifter… if I’m reading this right, your friend Callum was killed… by another Guardian.

Drifter: Nothin’ kills you quicker.

Ghost: I’m pulling final audio from his Ghost. Hang on.

Shin Malphur: I gave you a chance. Gave all of you a chance. I told you not to follow him!

Callum: You and I are the same. Sometimes we do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Shin Malphur: Spoken like a true disciple. If you have any last words, now is the time.

Callum: You’ll never kill us all.

Shin Malphur: I don’t have to. You’re killing yourselves.

** The sound of a Golden Gun charging and four shots firing from it can be heard in the recording.

Ghost: I think you have some explaining to do.

Drifter: Gimme a minute, would ya?! I’m thinking.

Ghost: You owe us a little more than Glimmer for this.

Drifter: Shut up and bring me everything you found at that grave. You’ll get paid.

** The Guardian finds a depleted weapon core at Callum’s grave.

// REFERENCE {item: Depleted Weapon Core}

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Two things:

  • I replayed the mission several times and every time the audio of the first line was never heard.
  • I know it’s Shin, you know it’s Shin, everybody knows it’s Shin, but the games says its an Unknown Guardian. Which would be the most correct to put on the transcript?

That’s fine if the audio if the first line didn’t come out. Other videos of the mission do have the audio for that line, so since it is supposed to be there, it can be included in the transcript. I’d say it’s fine to label the “unknown guardian” speaker as Shin Malphur, as you’ve done.

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