Destiny 2 Beta Transcripts

Hey everyone! The Destiny 2 Beta is here :smiley: I just finished playing “Homecoming”, but I was too busy looking at every detail to get a good recording :wink:

We are going to follow a similar format for the Beta as we plan to do for the actual game itself, the only difference being, there are only 2 activities in the Beta… so… first come, first served! :grimacing:

Here’s the rough guide (the same as for Destiny):

  1. Pick an activity from the list below and put your @name alongside it.
  2. Record a video of that activity.
  3. Edit the video to remove any parts that don’t have any dialogue (see Transcript Guide)
  4. Upload your video somewhere. It can be youtube or dropbox or a file sharing site, as long as it’s somewhere that we can either link to or download from!
  5. Create a new topic in the ‘Transcripts’ category, with the title of the activity and the URL of the video
  6. Transcribe the audio of the video and post that along with your video (see Transcript Guide)
  7. Receive the love and adoration of all of us at the Ishtar Collective! :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:

Destiny 2 Beta activities

Are you going to be adding things like armour pieces from the Beta to the Ishtar Collective?

Probably not, when Destiny 2 comes out I should be able to get all of the armor pieces from the API, so I don’t think it’s worth the effort of hand-writing those.

I wont have time to do the strike! There are too many alternative dialogue lines, and time is running short.