Destiny Languages

Talk about the many languages in Destiny.

I think the blog is more fitting for this kind of project than the Archive, like Sarsion’s “Fallen Language” post.

However, it took at lot of time and effort for him to put together, and we have even less information on the Hive and Cabal languages.

The Eliksni have lots of intelligible spoken audio, and we had Variks translating in D1 to give us a baseline. We don’t have much by way of that for the other races, particularly in D1, since the Hive and Cabal do a lot of screeching and bellowing but not a lot of talking (unless it’s Oryx, Ecthar, Consul, Ghaul or Calus who speak our language).

It would be interesting to attempt a look at the other languages, but it wouldn’t be as simple as the Fallen Language project.


The Cabal might be hard because in one TTK mission cad says that the cabal have so many words for attack (something like that) and none for retreat. So the cabal might be harder of bungie might release a Youtube video or something on the langages.

Perhaps with the more Cabal-focused story in D2, and the hint that we may see Calus again, we’ll get a little more about their language sometime. The raid gear has given us some information about their culture so far.

Yes it has an im loking foward to getting d2

Six words for advance and none for retreat.

sorry ben a month since i played and i’m running through it again with a titan

would be nice to know what those are

RedRenegade what is on the raid gear

Ask the script writers, I’m repeating only what Nathan Fillion said in The Taken King.

Best way to contact the developers

I’m not Red, but here’s links to the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter sets. Additionally, all the items added from the raid (as well as from launch, the faction rallies, etc.) can be found here.

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Ill look it up on yt and use the link

best way to contact devlopers