Dialogue for NPCs would be the best thing in the world for the site

I can help get the ball rolling for many of them.


The tricky part though would be obtaining all of the quotes but at least for Lakshmi-2 I should have most of them. I’ve spent so much time sitting in front of her I should know just about all of them.

Yeah, Destinypedia has that going but many character quote sections are empty. For instance, Tyra Karn. I want to write what she says butI can’t.

Yeah, I know but I just would prefer it to be on this site because not only would every thing be in one place but it would look nicer seeing that Destinypedia looks like a mess sometimes.

I wholly agree with you,@MrSuperSaiyan. It’s mostly because of a lack of an active userbase to do stuff; if I had current gen to play Destiny on, I’d be able to do more but I’m just stuck on chronicling datamined stuff and what everyone else on reddit gathers, and reddit’s not an exactly reliable source for quotes and stuff. Plus, those who do have the game are not on nearly enough because of other things and whatnot.

At least the Ishtar Collective is going forward in expanding its focus, what with all of the Archive feedback it’s gotten on what things to add. This is why I prefer this site over others like Destiny Tracker and Bungie Armory; everything’s more accessible for when recording stuff. All it needs now is just to record all of the possible Weapons and Armor perks, and things are Golden.

Oh boy, all those perks. Well it should be easy to get the unique ones at least.

It’s in progress. I have about 16hours of NPC dialouge


Awesome! I hope you have all of what Tyra Karn has! :smiley:

Actually, I’m still in the tower. There is a lot more of it hidden. And the RNG of catching it all is particularly bad.

Lemme talk to Baxter about this

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Ya sometimes when I leave or get close to the NPC but not in their immediate vicinity some of the NPCs will say stuff that I have never heard before.

The problem with archiving NPC dialogue, is that its very difficult to prove or disprove that the information given is accurate. Without standing next to that NPC for hours and hoping that they say the one particular thing you’re trying to hear, there’s no easy way to support what others have heard. A false quote is even harder to find, because you could stand there for an hour and not hear the line, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; just that you didn’t get it to play for you.

Well from what I can tell there at least is a set of dialogue that the NPCs say no matter what. At least that set of quotes could be added. The community has enough players that at least a few people could confirm that set of quotes. Those quotes also don’t take long to hear all of them or at least a majority, all you have to do is stand in front of a specific NPC for 15 minutes or so.

I think @Mrhappysadass is talking about the difficulty of gathering dialogue from the random NPCs that wander the Tower, not just named characters and vendors.

As a Destinypedia bureaucrat, dialogue for NPC’s would be a great resource for us to have, as Dante said.

The wandering citizen NPCs probably wouldn’t be the focus because they really don’t give much information other than saying “Hello, Titan”.

Apart from that, they do say other things. I forget what kind, though.

One of the larger problems is that there is no ingame subtitles.

However, as I have said before, there is something in the works.

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