Differentiate search terms

The search bar is really useful for looking up blanket terms, but for specific ones – like Saturn’s moon Titan – it’s really hard to search for unless you know the right ones that don’t get it mixed up with the 1200+ other matches with “Titan” in them.

Is there a way to implement a better disambiguation that searches throughout the database for two disparate words e.g. Titan (moon) and finds them without pulling everything relating to the word Titan?


I think this would really help a lot. It would certainly be hard for the Ishtar Peeps (IDK who does this magic) to do, but if it was possible I’m sure so many people would appreciate it.

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Thanks for the suggestion @GhostDante, and thanks for the +1 @SleepyAwoken. This would be a really cool thing to do, but I’m not sure how to do it!

Text search out-of-the-box is pretty simple, if you type the word “titan” it just looks for instances of that word. Some search tools will also search for variants of the word, but I don’t know of any search tool that searches based on the context of the word.

I’ve been giving the idea some thought, and I’ll continue to look into it, but I don’t have very high hopes for this feature, sorry!

This is a cool idea and would be great but quite how to do it is well beyond my skill set. I’m a member of the “turn it on and it works if it doesn’t thump it till it does” brigade. :joy:

(I still use a 70s laptop - otherwise known as a notepad and pen lol).


All right then. Thanks!