Discussion: New Truth to Power Lore book entry - act|choose|react

I’ve transcribed the entire lore book into 8-point arial, if mods would like it to add to the Collective’s records.
However, Medusa’s lore book which came out with the newest Full-Curse week in the Dreaming City. I want to discuss the finer points of this with you all.

First: Zavala, Shaxx, Arcite, Ikora, Lakshmi, Eva, some prominent people aren’t mentioned in the slightest. I find it odd, since the other two faction reps are mentioned. Its odd to me.

I think Medusa is giving us little tidbits of hints possibly, but I want to hear the thoughts of others. Let me know what you think!

act|choose|react is still unindexed (per our policy regarding Truth to Power), but it’s on the site here. Since it’s in the game now, it should be unindexed shortly.

As for the content, it’s very possible that “If you have 100 points when you read this, GOTO X” is a reference to Tyrannocide I:

Mara’s death began in this mark:


She had dreamt a thought of absolute simplicity and perfection, and the thought had become a tooth and bitten her. It had left a wound shaped like


Other than that, I’m curious to see where the idea of predestination ties into future entries, especially in the context of Guardians ‘making their own fate’ Vault of Glass-style.


Oh alright, I’ll go look at that one again! Thanks! Good perspective

Well, we have to wait till we can reach Light 999 in order to get the true ending.
How do we do that?

Actually, what if. Okay.
What if instead of doing one of the normal daily missions, we instead go do the blind well while the mission is active? Has anyone tried that to break the cycle? (Since this Blind well is a portal to different worlds or places?)

If you haven’t already investigated the Queens ascendant realm in the last 22 hours, the X section comes out from Mara’s chest. X is given to us. Thankfully it wasn’t a convoluted quest to unlock it lol. Go read it, its crazy!

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I’ve put the lore book and the encounter with the Queen on youtube for your convenience. Search Iron Lord Breezy and choose my most recent video, then skip to 25:30, because my computer didn’t crop the video correctly haha

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