Future Spoilers

Hey everyone!

As you may be aware, we recently published a lot of new Entries that were found in the Bungie API as part of patch 2.0.0, in the lead up to the release of Forsaken.

Unfortunately, not long after publishing the second batch of Entries, it became clear that some of them were not supposed to be available yet.

Whenever we read the API and download lore we get access to information earlier than we would find it in the game, but in this instance we got access to some entries much, much earlier than intended.

Bungie have not asked us to take down any content or anything like that, and generally speaking I am opposed to the removal of content from the site (we are an archive after all), but in this case I have made the decision to “unindex” a small number of the recently added Entries.

What does that actually mean? We will remove around 10 Entries from our search index, so they won’t be discoverable using the search tool, and we won’t publish any links to those Entries on any other pages.

I hope you understand my decision to do this. :slight_smile:


— baxter