Do the Fallen know about the Sword Logic?

So I was roaming the grimore, as one does, and I stumbled upon this card;
(Aksis, Archon Prime)
“Aksis is the fruit of the Devil Splicers’ labor. A former Archon Priest, Aksis has submerged himself in SIVA’s apotheosis and emerged as Archon Prime. All that he was is gone: his dreams. His hopes. Replaced by agency. He has shed his gods and his Ether like skin, and in his uplifted state, waits in his Perfection Complex for offerings of SIVA from all Fallen.”

I saw this as I had all the other times, Aksis sitting in his nice house with his techno robot stuff. Then I saw the sentence “[I]n his Perfection Complex for offerings of SIVA from all Fallen.” and I stopped. That seem Really similar to something else we all know and love; The Hive’s Sword logic. Everything the Hive kill sates their worm, and the rest is “passed” up to (eventually) Oryx. I immediately thought “no way, the fallen never really studied the hive enough to learn anything about that kind of stuff” Then once again I realized something. The Vex were in direct contact with the Hive (via oryx’s throne world) and guess who was in contact with the Vex? House Winter.

Skolas during his campaign recruited The House of Winter. They definitely were not on speaking terms with the Vex per se, but they were messing with Vex tech and other things and that would not have been too far to assume that he found out about the Hive’s sword logic somewhere along the way. Of course the Wolves never had any contact with House Devil’s, (in relation to the Devil’s learning the Sword Logic) but guess who did? The Kings, and in the mission “The Ruling House” we crashed that party when the Kings were sharing info with the Wolves, (or vice versa) before they could assassinate the poor wolves envoy. The Kings control the Devils (indirectly most likely) and because the Devil’s figured out siva the Kings would have known about it also.

Perhaps instead of tithing up to survive as the Hive do, the Devil splicers tithe siva up the chain to grow stronger.

This kinda just struck me, and I had to write it down. And yes I do know it is a little far fetched. Any feedback (or opposition) is welcome.
Thanks for the read :slight_smile:

EDIT: Are the Vex, the Hive and SIVA all interconnected? referenced some of the same topics here with siva and the hive through the vex.

I made that connection too, but I think its more of the fact that the Sword Logic is the “natural state” of the universe made into a religion, or the strong shall survive through fierce competition. Seth has said it often enough that’s what the Sword Logic is and isn’t.

I think it is more of SIVA acting like a living thing than the Devil Splicers, twisting and warping the Archon’s mind until they are one and the same… kind of like the Worm symbiote with Auryx. As in Destinypedia’s article on The Sword Logic – which I spent a long time working on – I made the same connections as you did.

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Kind of like natural selection but as a rule of war?

Exactly so, but more religiousy.

The Sword Logic is the way the hive leaders interpret the world to justify their purge of the galaxy not an inevitable fact or even an universal rule of the cosmos. It requires that you take what you desire, that’s how Oryx explained it. The traveler for example is giving. Giving light, power, hope. We can’t really assume that in Destiny the Sword Logic is a natural state for all the races that we know of.

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That’s an interesting thought. How much of the “natural state” of the Destiny world is due to the influence of the paracausal forces of Light and the Darkness?

Seth is of the opinion the Sword Logic is an accurate state of the universe, just warped to fit Darkness agenda.


I would agree with that, but I always caution against putting too much weight in the author’s own thoughts about their work.


Of course. I added the clarifier about it being his opinion.