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Recorded 1st February 2017


Meridian Bay, Mars

Tyra - In searching for more information on SIVA, I discovered some recent unexplained phenomena originating near Clovis Bray.

Saladin - That’s deep in Cabal territory. I find it unlikely the Fallen would have had time to experiment in those labs undisturbed.

Trya - True, but there are records of SIVA prototypes that were never recovered. They could be the missing link.

Saladin - Lord Timur spoke of SIVA prototypes, too. Very well, old friend. Let’s follow this path.

Guardian lands at Overwatch, atop Dust Palace

Trya - You should be in the vicinity any time now.

Guardian clears Cabal threat

Tyra - I can guide you to the biolabs, though it may take some investigation to locate the SIVA prototypes once you’re there.

Saladin - I have faith in our young wolf there. He will find our way forward, I’m certain of it.

Ghost - Did he just call one of us a young wolf? Because it’s probably less endearing if he meant me.

Guardian unlocks door, proceeds to Lab

Guardian clears Cabal threat

Ghost - I’m not seeing any flashing lights advertising SIVA research. Maybe there’s a console that can help us narrow things down.

Ghost scans console

Ghost - Ok, what do we have here? Ha! Who knew finding dangerous Golden Age archives would be so easy? There’s an intact data store just below us.

Guardian proceeds below

Tyra - Unfortunately, my intel says you’re going to need to make your way underground.

Ghost - Falling great distances is actually our specialty. Elevator shaft, anyone?

Guardian proceeds to elevator shaft

Ghost - The doors to the elevator shaft should be here somewhere.

Guardian unlocks door, floats down elevator shaft

Ghost - Nothing says “We’re in the right place!” like dead fallen.

Guardian clears Cabal threat

Ghost - There, that’s the Bray Research archive! Now to rummage through its files.

Ghost scans system

Ghost - Interesting. There were multiple prototypes, each programmed to serve a different function. One that built Constructs, viral armour enhancements - that’s neat - and we have a winner! Cybernetic diagnostics! Exactly what the Fallen would need to -

Heavy Cabal enforcements surround and attack Guardian

Ghost - Oh, maybe later. We’ve got company!

Guardian fights off Cabal

Saladin - The Young Wolf strikes again! Tyra, the prototype archives - will they be enough to identify a weakness in the Fallen’s hold on SIVA?

Tyra - I have to remind you, of all the people that I’m a scholar, not a scientist? Don’t worry, old friend. Between myself and Shiro, we won’t leave a single stone unturned. You’ll have your defence.

“Make”, not "mate:. Also there are a few dashes missing between names and spoken sentences.

Fixed them. Probably cos it wasn’t a spelling mistake :ghost:

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