Empire Hunt: The Warrior

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Name: Empire Hunt: The Warrior
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNse6vFg45M&list=PLS2hBTtCDufSHbfySALquiFIOrnasnAVY&index=19
Recorded: 2020.11.12


++ Asterion Abyss, Europa

** The Guardian follows Phylaks’s coordinates.

Variks: Variks: Phylaks found fame at Twilight Gap, yes? [insect-like chattering] Fame for ruthlessness. For final deaths. For Phylaks, there is no greater joy than battle. You must challenge her, but use caution, Guardian.

** The Guardian finds the Vex and House Salvation Fallen fighting each other. Riliks, House Salvation appears. Abstract Hydra appears. The Guardian defeats all Fallen and Vex in the area.

++ The Nexus, Europa

Phylaks: They say you are a great warrior.

// NOTE If you completed Zero Hour
Phylaks: And you have challenged Eramiskel once before.

// NOTE If you completed the Rise of Iron Campaign in D1
Phylaks: The “Young Wolf.”

// NOTE If you completed the Taken King Campaign in D1
Phylaks: Destroyer of Oryx.

Phylaks: But I think you are built with machine-weakness. God-dependence. You flee from battles you think you will lose. Prove you are worth my time.

Ghost: What did Phylaks mean by “god dependence”? The Traveler? I don’t feel dependent on or limited by the Traveler. I feel close to the Traveler. Protected. Or… I did. Since you got that Splinter… I feel further away than ever.

** Principle Wyvern appears. The Guardian defeats all Vex and Fallen. The Guardian disables the Vex barrier and proceeds forward.

Phylaks: What drives you, Machine-spawn? Do you fight for glory? For power? My Eliksni fight for the fight itself. There is nothing beyond it. Let me teach you this lesson.

++ Well of Infinitude, Europa

** Deniks, House Salvation appears. The Guardian defeats Deniks and the surrounding Fallen. Heavy Shank, House Salvation appears. The Guardian defeats the Heavy Shank and disabled the Fallen barrier.

Ghost: I’ve never seen the Fallen’s military forces so… organized.

Variks: For many years, Eliksni lived scattered, yes? [insect-like chattering] Eramis took our broken Houses and forged an army.

Ghost: And she wants to give that army Stasis. If they ever came for the Last City…

** Two Harbinger Wyverns appear. The Guardian defeats the Harbinger Wyverns including surrounding Vex and Fallen, and disabled the Vex barriers.

Phylaks: I see now you are a worthy challenge. A chance to hone my blade. Come find me, Machine-spawn. I am waiting.

** The Guardian descends into the next area. Brig, House Salvation appears.

Ghost: Another one of those giant mechs.

Variks: Technology taken from the Kell’s Scourge. Another splintered house, united under Eramis.

** The Guardian defeats the Brig.

Phylaks: I will bring your corpse to Eramiskel. I will forge myself a ring from your armor.

** The Guardian weakens Phylaks and Phylaks retreats to the next platform.

Phylaks: Surprising strength for such a little creature!

** The Guardian weakens Phylaks and Phylaks retreats to the final platform.

Phylaks: Your skill will earn you a quick death!

** A Crux of Darkness appears. The Darkness beckons… the Guardian becomes empowered with Stasis. The Guardian defeats Phylaks, the Warrior.

// REFERENCE {item:enhanced-splinter-of-darkness|Enhanced Splinter of Darkness}

Ghost: Variks, Phylaks is down.

Variks: Her soldiers will scatter. But there are other powerful Eliksni that will stand in your path. [insect-like chattering]

Ghost: Destroying the general doesn’t destroy the army. But this is a start, at least. Let’s get that Splinter back to camp.

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