Enemy Categories

Recently, I have been trying to learn more about the Vex, however, I went to look, and found there were no overall categories for the Vex. And I continued to look, and there wasn’t anything for the general topic or idea of the Fallen, Cabal, Taken, Hive, etc.
While yes, I understand the amount of documents in such a thing would be tremendous, I still was surprised to see that there weren’t any, considering how important they would be.

Also, if you have any documents or transcripts or whatever that you would recommend to someone trying to learn about the Vex, do let me know, thanks!

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Hey about that. In the prima game guide for vanilla destiny 2, there’s a section with a little “bio” on each type of enemy in vanilla destiny 2. If this kind of section gets added, maybe we could put that in there?

@baxter what do you think about having categories for the different enemies?

@Ember-3 dobby_rams from the Destinylore subreddit has done an excellent post on the Vex, with links to relevant cards/entries about them.

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I’d like to second his request. There’s several cards that are unlisted or are only in the Ghost Fragment section and thus get overlooked by many. It’s particularly annoying for the Vex since so much information is in those unlisted cards.

The following cards contain surprisingly important info on the Vex yet all are unlisted:

Zydron, Gate Lord; Prohibitive Mind; Sol Divisive; Descendants; Hezen Protective; Sekrion, Nexus Mind; Atheon, Time’s Conflux; Minotaur; The Gorgons; The Black Garden; The Templar

These cards contain important info yet are in (mostly) unrelated categories:

Echo Chamber; Sol Progeny; Hezen Corrective; Virgo Prohibition; Theosyion, the Restorative Mind

I think the biggest reason why so much Vex lore is unlisted is because much of it is technical stuff. The Vex don’t really have an “Oryx” or a “Calus” or anything like that. They have very little historical events or actual characters. Most of their lore is technical information about how they function, what they potentially want, etc. And since there’s no “how Vex function” category, most of that gets lost.

I agree, i’ve had similar issues with looking at information on enemy races, and would personally like a general category for each race. Possibly similar to their categorization in the D1 grimoire.
(I also have some similar concerns with some individuals vs organizations categorization but i’ll make my own post when I’ve looked into that a bit more)