Enhance! Quest - Experimental Treatment

Name: Quest: Experimental Treatment, Enhance!
URL: https://youtu.be/EZkaqNV-0uk

++ Trostland, European Dead Zone
Devrim Kay: Hawthorne has asked Ikora to take her place. Something about, “Knowing more about all that Fallen stuff.”
Ikora Rey: Meaning Ether distribution from Servitors to Kells, consequences when that supply is severed, subtleties of an Archon Priest versus a Captain…

++ Salt Mines, European Dead Zone
** Raksil, Archon Priest appears.
Ghost: We’ve got an Archon Priest, and he’s glowing.
Ikora Rey: Then some enhanced Ether still remains. Finish him quickly.

** The Guardian defeats Raksil, Archon Priest and collects several Ether Cores.
Ghost: More depleted Ether cores. Hmm.
Devrim Kay: Perhaps you could scatter them like breadcrumbs and draw your quarry back to the surface.
Ikora Rey: You’re joking, Devrim. But that might actually work. Guardian, head back to Devrim’s tower. You’ll need some room for this to work.

++ Trostland, European Dead Zone
**Using the Ether cores, the Guardian lures many Fallen and Serkuleks, the Fount, a Servitor, who teleports away after being damaged.
Ikora Rey: That Servitor will be vulnerable while it recharges. Find it, and destroy it.

++ Outskirts, European Dead Zone
Devrim Kay: I’m reading multiple inbound Fallen ships. They’re not going down without a fight!
Ikora Rey: But they are going down.

** The Guardian defeats Serkuleks, the Fount and the rest of the Fallen.
Devrim Kay: Fantastic work.
Ikora Rey: The Fallen won’t recover from this any time soon. Exemplary.
Devrim Kay: Head back this way when you have a minute, and we’ll close this chapter out.

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