Enhance! Quest- Initial Consultation


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Name: Enhance! Quest- Initial Consultation
URL: https://youtu.be/X5LJ66vK_IY
Recorded: 2017.10.29


++Trostland, EDZ
Devrim: Have you two noticed any strange Fallen nearby? I swear I’ve caught sight of four armed creatures that were glowing.
Ikora: We’ve all been through a lot, Devrim. Staying in your church tower for this long might have taken a toll.

**The Guardian finds and kills a glowing Empyean Vandal
Ghost: Good news Devrim. It’s not just you. There is something different about these Fallen.
Devrim: Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better.

**The Guardian analyses more Ether samples
Ghost: It’s something in their Ether. Traces of Cabal technology
Ikora Ether only provides sustenance for the Fallen. If they’re augmenting if for some other purpose…
Ghost: I’ve gotten pretty good at isolating Cabal signatures. Let me see if there’s something around here I can trace.

++Terminus East, EDZ
**Ghost tracks the signal underground to some energy barriers
Ghost: These energy barriers are throttling our communications. Whatever we’re doing down here, we’d better do it fast.
Devrim: Say again? You’re breaking up a bit.

**The Guardian disables another barrier
Ghost: The Fallen made some kind of electromagnetic cage to hide what they’re doing. No wonder we couldn’t find te source.
Ikora: Devrim, do you have their signal?
Devrim: No luck, mum. We might have lost them down there.

**The Guardian disables a third barrier and kills Kalis, Sunless Captain before disabling the EM field
Ghost: Hey, Ikora?
Ikora: Good to hear your voice again. What did you find?
Ghost: I’m not sure. Some kind of machine. It’s enhancing either Ether somehow.

**The Guardian destroy the Ether cache
Devrim: Ah, the direct approach. Well, if it means they can’t make any more of that stuff, I’m all for it.
Ikora: But the Fallen are resourceful. This isn’t over. I must go and meditate on how to end this crisis.
Devrim: Always thinking of the big picture, that one. Head back to the church, you two. Let’s figure out our next move.

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