Exodus Black Quest - My Captain

Name: Quest: My Captain, Exodus Black
URL: https://youtu.be/r87Xunciyzc
Recorded: 2017.12.04


++ Exodus Black, Nessus
Failsafe: Captain, did you find the Captain?
Ghost: No sign of him yet, Failsafe. Sorry.
Failsafe: That is fine, and not at all disappointing! It’s not like I’ve been waiting centuries for this.

** The Guardian follows the strange Harpy.

++ Sunken Cavern, Nessus
Ghost: There’s that Harpy again. It seems… friendly. Maybe it’ll lead to the Captain. If nothing else, we’ll have an interesting story for Asher.

** The Guardian follows the Harpy deeper into the Sunken Cavern.
Harpy: From… Earth? You… like. Captain. Once.
Failsafe: Captain Jacobson?!
Ghost: Failsafe, this is not your captain.
Harpy: Captain. Yes. Come…Test. We test.

**The Guardian jumps further down into the Sunken Cavern.
Ghost: I knew this was some kind of trap.

** The Guardian defends themselves against the hostile Vex.
Ghost: What is this? Where’s Captain Jacobson?
Harpy: Captain Jacobson. Yes. Come. Share mind…

** The Guardian starts to establish a link with the Harpy while defending themselves from hostile Vex.
Ghost: Failsafe, don’t say we’ve never done anything for you.
Failsafe: Why would I, friendly Ghost?

** The Guardian defends another mind link with the Harpy against the Vex.
Ghost: Hey, that Harpy’s on the move again.

** The Harpy makes a successful mind link with the Guardian before leading the Guardian towards another trial.
Harpy: Why are you here?
Failsafe: Captain Jacobson? Can you hear me? It’s me, your failsafe.
Harpy: It’s you, my failsafe. Yes. I have this memory. You are a good failsafe. Always helping. Very good.
Failsafe: Captain? Are you… I’ve scanned for you everyday since you left. I’m so sorry I couldn’t find you.
Harpy: I left. Yes. I have this memory.

** The Harpy leads the Guardian over floating rocks to another area within the Sunken Cavern.
Harpy: Loss. Yes. We will test loss.

** The Guardian destroys Kagathos, Empathic Mind. The Harpy leads the Guardian to Captain Jacobson’s body. Ghost scans the body.
Captain Jacobson: This is the final log of Captain Jacobson, of the Exodus Black. We hoped to touch the stars, to colonize beyond our system. We failed. I couldn’t save my colonists. I couldn’t save my crew. (wheezy chuckle) I couldn’t even save myself. The machines here are closing in. I think… I think they mean to study me. If someone finds this… I would do it all… again.
Failsafe: Captain Jacobson… is… dead?
Ghost: Yes. I’m so sorry, Failsafe. We’ll see you soon

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