Exodus Black Quest - O Captain

Name: Quest: O Captain, Exodus Black
URL: https://youtu.be/yfsroNkOZv4
Recorded: 2017.12.04


++ Exodus Black, Nessus
Ghost: Poor Failsafe. It’s been so long since the Black crashed here. I’ll be surprised if we find much.

** The Guardian heads outside.
Ghost: Wait. This is weird. I’m picking something up nearby.

** The Guardian finds a dead person’s body. Ghost scans the body.
Ghost: This… there’s a voice recording left behind in this… suit’s computer.
Unknown Male Voice: Mayday! Mayday! I repeat, the Exodus Black has been compromised by an unknown alien lifeform! We are 600 souls on board; systems are failing. We are going down! Mayday!

** The Guardian finds the bodies of two more dead people. Ghost scans the bodies.
Unknown female voice: Day 9. We’re out of just about everything. Water, oxygen, ideas. I’m gonna disable the shackle programming on the ship’s failsafe AI. We need every bit of help we can get.

** The Guardian finds a fourth body. Ghost scans the body.
Female voice: We lost the Lieutenant today. Now it’s just the pilot, the Captain, and me. Cap thinks the Black’s satellite array might still be intact. I think he’s crazy.

** The Guardian finds a fifth body. Ghost scans the body.
Unknown female voice: Captain, please! Don’t go. Those robots will kill you!
Captain Jacobson: The satellite array is our only chance. (sigh) Stay if you want, but I’m going. I’m sorry. I’ll come back for you.
Failsafe: That was Captain Jacobson! That was his voice!
Ghost: Don’t get too excited yet. Let’s see if we can find that satellite array he mentioned.

++ Glade of Echoes, Nessus
** The Guardian finds the satellite array.
Ghost: There’s a microcomputer here. It’s trying to send a message.
Failsafe: That transmitter is only 13% operational! I may be able to execute a remote repair. Please stand by!

** Failsafe repairs the transmitter.
Captain Jacobson: Mayday-mayday-mayday, this is Captain Jacobson. The Exodus Black has crash landed on a planetoid, ID “Nessus.” We request immediate [VEX DATABURST]
Ghost: That sounded like a Vex signal at the end.
Failsafe: According to my database, the Vex use that noise as a greeting! And/or a war cry!
Ghost: Well. It’s possible that the Vex might remember what happened to the Captain. Or recall where he went… centuries ago…

** The Guardian defeats three Empathic Sentinals to collect memory data from the Vex.
Ghost: Aggregating our kill data now. This is crazy. Seems like the Vex believe that the captain is coming to meet us. Right now. Look up! Something’s up there! Never mind… it’s just a weird looking Harpy.
Failsafe: No! Please pursue the “weird looking Harpy”! Remember, you said the captain is coming to meet you!
Ghost: Yes, but that’s not the captain. I suppose maybe he sent an escort for us, but I’ve never heard of anyone befriending he Vex.
Failsafe: Captain Jacobson was exceptionally kind to all robotic lifeforms.

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