Exodus Black Quest - Thinking About Death

Name: Quest: Thinking About Death, Exodus Black
URL: https://youtu.be/N6wXqrrg72M
Recorded: 2017.12.04


++ Exodus Black, Nessus
Failsafe: Welcome aboard, Captain! It is wonderful to see you again. Did you know I eavesdropped on your triumphant fight with Ghaul? I was worried he was gonna, like… atomize you. But, he did not! He did not atomize you at all. You atomized him! Anyway… Since you are already here, perhaps you will consider staying a while? Several hundred years would be acceptable!
Failsafe: Captain, hello! Today, I am thinking about death! As you know, I was unable to save my crew when we crashed on Nessus. Kind of hard to help when you don’t have a body. Many of the crew and colonists died immediately, but I have wondered if some survived. Sometimes, I think I hear my former Captain’s voice on the comms. That is highly improbable because he should be dead! So, um… wanna look into that for me?

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