"Failsafe AI" and D2 Reveal strike: Twisted Spire mission transcript

Watching through gameplay footage from MyNameIsByf and Zavala is talking over the radio to an AI called “Failsafe” during the strike in Nessus (the twisted spire). As I started tracking conversation with the AI to figure out what the heck was going on this grew into a fill Transcript the other day, which I have decided to share directly here. The ensuing discussion about Failsafe was largely about what sort of AI it is; why and how Zavala knows about it; why Failsafe is referring to 7066 Nessus as “my planet”; possible connections to the Exodus Program and Warmind Rasputin and SubMind Malahayati; why is Zavala here on Nessus overseeing this operation and working with this AI when the Vidoc on New Worlds To Explore says he went to Titan, not Nessus; and when Cayde-6, who is entirely absent from this mission is, actually went to Nessus yet where is he; and lastly who or what the hell is “the Captain”.

The Inverted Spire

Arcadian Valley

"The Cabal awoke something deep beneath Nessus’ surface…

Enter strike

Investigate the Cabal

Zavala: “Welcome to Nessus. This planet is crawling with Vex. The Cabal are sending in crews and we need to know why. Failsafe, are you online?

Failsafe: “Commander, your favourite AI is primed and ready. I have prepared backdoors into several key Vex systems. We have detected a series of seismic disruptions. The Cabal may be responsible.”

Zavala: “We need to know what were dealing with. Yours are the boots on the ground guardian. Good luck.”

Defeat all hostile

Shooting commences. Shooting ends

Activate conflux

Conflux activated

Press forward

Approaches Gravity Canon after navigating terrain. Steps inside, is boosted over scenic abyss.

Ghost: “Oh look. Look! It’s a Vex milk waterfall. Can we stop and…aww”

Boosted travel period ends. Ghost shuts up in disappointment

Combat, Cabal, and navigation.

Traverses another Gravity Canon, no dialogue

Traverse deeper

Ghost: “Oh. We’re walking into the light. I think there’s a metaphor here, and I don’t like it.”

Combat, Vex and Cabal. Progression blocked by barrier

Eliminate the Vex

Ghost, during combat: “Hey Failsafe. You’re all cosy inside your data core. Any advise on that energy shield.”

Failsafe: “I believe that nearby Vex constructs maintain that barrier.”

Ghost: “Well I could have…Ok. We’ll shoot.”

Vex die, barrier is disabled

Cross the Digsite

Ghost: “What could the Red Legion possibly be drilling for?”

Failsafe: "Friendly query: what have you dint to attract such hostile species to my planet?"

Progress and combat.

Enemies dead.

Approach the Drilling Site

More enemies as fireteam approaches top level of drilling site to dramatic music. Combat, Vex and Cabal.

Ghost: “And of course the Drills have armed troops.”

Failsafe: “If it’s helpful, I suggest dealing with the Drills when the shooting stops”

Ghost: “The shooting never stops”

Eliminate Drill Site Security

Eliminate Drill Officers 0 of 2

More combat, primarily Cabal

Officers dead

Failsafe: “Just so you know. I have detected a massive Vex energy signature.”

Ghost: “And the only way to reach it is down past the giant pointy Drill bits? Heh heh hum…Good…”

Board the Cabal Drill

Drill boarded by Cabal version of Gravity Canon. Hologram of strike boss, Vex Protheon, the Modular Mind, is displayed prominently on console in drill transit system room.

Reorient the Transit System

Repel all Attackers

Transit System Resetting…




Cross the Digsite

Ghost: “I hope this is safe. Cabal don’t need to stick the landing. We do.”

Get clear of the Drill

Ghost: “Zavala’ gonna owe us big for this.”

Drill bits approach a little close for comfort.

Ghost: “This is fine. This is fine. This is fine. This is just fine”

Investigate the Digsite

Enemies cleared

Ghost.: "That made the Crucible feel safe.

Enter Digsite. Interior is Vex structure, adds are cleared and Protheon, the Modular Mind, begins to spawn.

Defeat the Modular Mind

Ghost: "Uh guys. We’ve encountered a massive Vex Mind. "

Failsafe: "Watch your back, friend. I’m detecting multiple ordinance types. "

Ghost: “You’re not helping!”

Combat. Bullet sponge plus adds vs the pea shooter. Protheon teleports laterally during fight. Protheon armed with slow heavy hitting minotaur like canon. Boss has 3 health brackets, but actual triggers occur at total health values, making the brackets nothing more than show pieces of each stage of the fight. Protheon and adds move around exterior.

Protheon health at 20% of first health bar bracket/75% total health. Protheon teleports away. Floor disappears during fight.

Ghost: “Uh hey. What’s happening to the floor.”

Land in arena below first for next stage. Protheon teleports back in with adds. Second stage fight commences. Protheon now armed with accurate, rapid fire gun. Protheon now in centre of stage, players move around exterior.

Ghost: “Energy change! Watch out.”

Seems to be a floor burn effect from Protheon. Idk how damaging because Byf didn’t stand in it and die. Clever little youtubers. Floor burn effect telegraphed when boss reaches up into air and then slams floor.

Teleports away at 50% second bracket/50% total health. Second stage floor disappears.

Ghost: “Watch your feet.”

Fall to third stage area. Boss reappears. Moves faster, same weapon, boss and adds now circle outside around the players. Vex milk substance surrounds central area, Byf didn’t step in, unsure if safe.

At 25% Protheon moves back in from the exterior of the third stage’s Vex Milk sea, and closes on the players in the middle of stage. Will kick stomp if given the chance

Ghost: “In your face!”

Protheon reaches 0% and suffers, critical systems malfunction, diagnoses cause as bullets and space magic, dies.

Ghost: “It’s not getting up from that. Zavala, we’re good.”

Zavala: “Well done. Failsafe, what’s your assessment of this incident?”

Failsafe: “Vex records indicate the Cabal discovered the Mind, and dug into this world to capture it. Had the Red Legion ensured it’s goal, I estimate a 60% chance this planetoids would have been destroyed in the ensuring battle. Luckily, the Captain stepped in.”

Ghost: “Huzzah!”


Edit this video by Datto has subtitles turned on and subsequently this post, and the original on DestinyLore have been edited to include this more accurate information. Mainly the filling in the blanks on what I was too tied to hear and otherwise marked as unintelligible, and some minor grammatical changes to align with the script and spelling shown in the video. Thanks to Reddit u/Catch_66 for spotting the video for me


Hey @KFC_just! Thank you so much for transcribing this. I’m not going to add it to the site yet, since I don’t think we should add any Destiny 2 related information until launch, but this really cool to read through. :slight_smile:

Failsafe is a Golden Age AI, built by Clovis Bray to help manage the colony world, maintain the equipment, and to some degree, govern the colonists. How do I know, CB GFs a.k.a Mars GF, and just google Governor sloan from Halo. You will see what I am referring to.