What We Now Know Because Of The Game Play Reveal

The Destiny 2 Game Play Reveal is now over. But it gave us a lot of crucial information about the sequel.

  • All subclasses will be revamped (I.e. Striker can place a shield almost like Defenders, can use Fist of Havoc multiple times with one super)
  • There will be new subclasses! Yeah!:+1:t2: Warlocks, you have a Dawnblade, epic fire sword. Titans have Sentinel, a shield which you can attack and defend with (Captain America) and Hunters have Arcstrider, a staff of lighting.
  • All Crucible is now 4v4. Everyone single one of them.
  • New Crucible mode: Countdown! There are two teams, offensive and defensive. The offense has to set the Charge and guard it. The defense has to stop the offense from setting the Charge, playing ‘defense’. It’s all in the name.
  • New Strike: Inverted Spire
    (Transcript: "Failsafe AI" and D2 Reveal strike: Twisted Spire mission transcript
    There are multiple YouTube videos on it, so I reccomend watching it!)
  • There are 3 new locations, and a new place on Earth:
  • Nessus- a world overridden by Vex, also where Cayde (I think) is trapped
  • Io- moon of Jupiter
  • Titan- Planet which is completely ocean, which has man-made surfaces, and is where Zavala is
  • European Dead Zone(EDZ): new area on Earth
  • Guided Games: the ability to play with clans without joining it, a chance for solo players (like me) to play strikes, crucible, raids, etc.
  • There are changes to weapons, there are no heavy and special and primary. It is now kinetic (primaries with no elemental), energy (primary with elemental), and power (snipers, grenade launchers, etcetera)

5/24/17 Update:
According to a My Name is Byf video, there is also a shard of the Traveler somewhere in the European Dead Zone. This raises a question. How did this shard break off?
Also, this shard might be the reason some of the revamped subclasses. For example, the Striker subclass in Destiny 1 would only allow one Super per full charge. The shard of the Traveler might have disrupted this and caused multiple Supers per charge.
What do you think?


I am anxious about the advancing story/ plot lore-wise but as to the gameplay I am curious about the 4 player cap and wonder if that will also transfer to Raids & Strikes as well. I rarely went on Raids as I am not an uber gamer but I am a fairly decent if not overly aggressive Warlock. (Praxic methinks) Besides that I am also curious to see how the revised weapon system works and hopefully get my hands on a Suros Auto rifle or scout rifle soon.

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There 4 player cap is only to Crucible, pretty sure about that…famous last words…:sweat_smile:

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