Fear's Embrace Transcript

Name: Fear’s Embrace
URL: https://youtu.be/5uS8o5plNGY
Date Recorded: 13/02/2017

Flying into orbit above Phobos
Zavala The assault on Phobos was the opening salvo in this war. We believe now that is was a trial, the first full-scale use of Taken power in this system. The Warlocks see it as a place of power. The Echo must as well.

Transmatting onto the surface of Phobos at the Cabal Aerodrome
Zavala I see this Echo as a strategist. It moved to capture the Black Garden, now a push on Phobos. End it Guardian.

Entering the Cabal base
Ghost We’re back. This war against the Taken started here. Let’s end it here.

Entering Skyburners Keep
Ghost Guardian, this room is crawling with blight. And I’m detecting poison gas in the vents. Oh, and the Cabal flame jets are primed to fire! So… yes. You’ve got this…you

Upon defeating the Echo of Oryx
Zavala Your first mission to Phobos ended with a fight for freedom. Now, you leave that moon with a decisive victory over the Taken.

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