Ghost Scan - Io, Aphix Conduit (FWC)

Zone: Io
Area: Aphix Conduit
Recorded: 2017.10.03


Lakshmi-2: We predicted an object of great worth in the wilderness. Likewise, we predicted that you would find it. And here you are.

Note: This is the dialogue from the scan if you’re pledged to Future War Cult.

@baxter There’s one or two seconds where the sound from the dialogue is cut out because I tried getting a screenshot of the dialogue as well as a video. I didn’t realise that if I pressed the home button on the xbox, then it wouldn’t record any sound from the game until I went back to it. Did you want me to try recording a video of this scan again next time the Faction Rally is on (assuming the scans are in the same locations as this time)? There’s captions of the dialogue in the video so you can at least read the parts that are missing sound.

I think that this is fine. If we get a better video we can replace it, but I don’t have a problem with this :slight_smile:


Great, thanks @baxter!

I can help with the Dead Orbit and/or New Monarchy scans, just let me know which ones you want me to handle. I also have clean footage of this scan, if you’d like I can upload it to YouTube and message you a link.

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I didn’t get any of the Dead Orbit or New Monarchy scans, so feel free to upload the transcripts/videos of them. If you’ve got a better video of this scan that would be great! If you send me a link to the video, I’ll link it in the original post instead of my video - would that be alright with you @baxter?

Yes that would be fine :slight_smile: I’m going to be processing a bunch of scans today, but I’ll leave this one for now.


Sweet, I’ll do that then. @XonVisniyr feel free to send me a link to your video when you get a chance :slight_smile:

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I’ve added a link to XonVisinyr’s video with the proper audio for this scan @baxter

Created Ghost Scan: Faction Rally, Io based on this post.

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