Help Choose Which Summary To Work On Next

Please help me choose which summary to write next for the Archives!

  • Zavala
  • Court of Oryx
  • Ikora Rey
  • Cayde-6
  • Mara Sov
  • Uldren

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Lol Cayade-6 for the win xD

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Dang, no one voted for prince Uldren.

Well, I personally wouldn’t vote for him because Cayade in the Destiny 2 trailer was hilarious and anyone would be crazy to pass up the opportunity for more lore on Mr. “And there will be a ton of loot!” :joy:

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Cayde-6 all the way!

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Someone made a YouTube vid on him. It’s actually pretty good and fits into the lore as compared to some other ones I’ve seen.
(By him I mean Cayde)

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