Identity of Dredgen Yor (Rezyl Azzir)

Okay, this has been theorized to death so I’ll be brief. After watching, among others, the video Myelin made about this, the idea of Yor being Rezyl Azzir became more plausible to me, and as I was rereading the grimoire a few weeks later, a little piece of evidence in support of that theory jumped out at me that, to my knowledge, wasn’t included in the video or most deliberation on the topic.
In the grimoire card Legends and Mysteries: Rezyl Azzir, Rezyl’s introspection includes the words “the forgotten hero who foolishly sought nightmares”, meaning himself.

This consideration - and use of the word “nightmares” is something Azzir has in common with Dredgen Yor, who in Ghost Fragment: Thorn 2, says
"u.2:4.8] You have nightmares?
[audible sobbing]
[u.2:4.9] Ever seen a nightmare? Ever opened your eyes and realized the horror wasn’t a dream? The terror wasn’t gone?
[u.2:5.0] I’ve seen nightmares.
[u.2:5.1] They live in the shadows.
[u.2:5.2] They’ve been watching"

In the same conversation, he asks the bandits earlier if they have been to the Moon - where Azzir was the first to go and discover the Hive. During the transformation of Rose (which many assume to be the First Curse) into Thorn, Yor is watching the sun fall; it was Azzir’s habit to watch the moon.

The biggest rebuttal to this theory is that Rezyl Azzir was a Titan and most assume Yor to be a Warlock. However, we’ve seen that certain Guardians in-universe can use the abilities of other subclasses - Felwinter for example. Add that to the fact that they are both described as “a large man” and “noble” and share many descriptive traits almost verbatim besides, there’s a pretty strong possibility.

I may be the only one who thinks so, but the dialogue written for Azzir’s ghost and Yor’s ghost have a similar character voice between them. Yor himself also talks in a crass, grammatically lenient manner, similar to a Titan sort of attitude, and the bluntness of Rezyl Azzir.

Just a thought.

It is plausible, and that Guardians in the lore don’t necessarily have to stick with specific “classes” (the Light is, after all, a strange power channeled by the Risen in different ways), but there’s no confirmation. I’m personally a fan of the theory but there’s so little evidence to support it. Also, Rezyl used primarily a rifle weapon, only using a hand cannon when killing a Kell and that at close quarters; Yor only used a hand cannon. So there’s that.

no yeah, I’ve definitely seen (and heard) people discussing the fact the Yor might have been Rezyl and it honestly makes sense? especially when you look through Rezyl’s cards, he was the one who went to the moon to investigate Hive activity (something along those lines) and encounters a Wizard, the same Wizard that has to be defeated at the end of the Thorn quest (im pretty sure it was for year one Thorn).

but back to the fact that Rezyl was the one who went to the moon. In Thorn 2, Yor mentions going to the moon, but there’s that connections. ( could send you the link to a podcast that discusses this if you’d like).

but personally i prefer Dredgen Yor to be a Hunter because there are no other Hunters that we know of (yet) who have been corrupted by other forces? And there are already 3 Warlocks who have been literally lost to time because of messing around with the Vex and the Hive.

And it just think it add to the story between Dredgen Yor and Jaren Ward, especially when going off the theory that Thorn was the First Curse(i love that) but I’m not entirely opposed to Yor being a Titan.

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Three Warlocks? Osiris, Toland, who’s the third? Am I forgetting someone important again…?

I suppose they’d mean Eris Morn, but isn’t she supposed to be a Hunter? And she’s not far gone but rather straddling the line between Light and Dark.

I wouldn’t consider Eris lost either. However, OP’s words were [quote=“atheriss, post:3, topic:113”]
literally lost to time

and the only one I can think of that applies to that is Praedyth. That’s right, he was a Warlock, wasn’t he? I did forget someone important!

Heck, I guess the Vex did their job if Praedyth slipped my mind like that.


“You think of time as a constant companion. Right up until you are drowning in it. Suffused in time, shivering under the glare of the conflux. Then you will know what I know. Time is a predator. And it cannot be sated.”

Nice use of the quote.

Had to find what was suitable, thank God for the Ishtar Collective.

WHOOPS sorry bout that, i was referring to Praedyth, but I forgot that he wasn’t in charge of what went down with Vault of Glass, but did end up in some other dimension.

yeah sorry about that! but you guys already seemed to have sorted that out. and yeah Eris is confirmed to be a Hunter

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No need to apologize. And yeah, though she’s one of the Hidden, definitely a Hunter.

We haven’t really had any Titans corrupted either, though. I mean, Kabr went missing due to the Vex but it wasn’t a Praedyth or Osiris type of situation. Saint-14 is MIA but we have no idea what happened. There could be a sentiment that Titans are supposedly incorruptible, but that’s wishful thinking in my opinion. It would also make a transformation from Rezyl Azzir to Dredgen Your all the more startling.


I mean with Kabr, he ended up becoming obsessed with the Vex to the point where he made his entire armor from their platting (body parts?) and that ended up messing with his head (simply because he was connected to it (something along those lines) but in the end he came around and managed to seal the Vault so nothing could escape and he made the Aegis in hopes of aiding the next Guardians that would venture into Vault of Glass.

but yeah as far as we know, Kabr never killed other Guardians and ate their Light (unlike a certain someone).

But yeah, Titians just dont seem all that interested in the mysteries of the universe (as compared to Hunters and Warlocks). And Titans dont have any Ahamkara related gear and that is honestly impressive if we’re to go off from the lore.

True. However it’s not like Titans can’t use Weapons of Sorrow like Thorn or Bad Juju if they’re equipped. And Kabr’s obsession wasn’t all that different from Toland’s if you think about it - speaking in riddles, leaving hints for Guardians, making gear out of their bodies.

Plus, the stalwart shoot-first-ask-never mindset a lot of Titans are stereotyped for in-universe could make them vulnerable in the right situation, when faced with forces an understanding of which would help them survive. Case in point, Rezyl Azzir, who had no idea what he was getting into.

Oh man i forgot about weapons…

And yeah you’re right, if faced with something (that would potentially corrupt them) Titans would be just as susceptible as any other Guardian, maybe even more than Hunters and Warlocks. But Titans don’t seem like the types to williningly pursue myths.

Yeah, you’re definitely right about that. The curiosity isn’t exactly present. More insightful Titans might seek a practical understanding, though. Which is why they tolerate Hunters and Warlocks and their fashion fracas.

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oh those fashion wars.

but you’re right about Titans seeking practical answers instead of all those “what ifs” and “maybes”

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My opinion:

Rezyl= Titan, Yor = Warlock, Rezyl = Yor.

I thinkore was transformed Besides just Rose. The amber in which he manipulated the Light was also transformed.

It might not even be necessary for his powers to transform.

Couldn’t quote both in one post, sorry.