Identity of Dredgen Yor (Rezyl Azzir)

Well, neither Yor nor Azzir made reference to siblings in their respective Grimoire cards. Yor would have done so to taunt Shin.

If I can butt my way into this discussion the problem with the theory of Azzir is Yor(I agree with it none the less.) We have no solid timeline of when the two when up to the moon that I believe is our biggest problem proving this otherwise its the most solid theory we have.

The most likely is the Great Disaster, but Azzir’s Ghost makes mention of the Hive stirring long before, so there’s that.

That’s the problem it never says when the Hive began stirring in the Moon.

Indeed. That’s the crux of it.

Replaced with quote.

There are a few problems with that, which I’ll address in the relevant post.

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I already got to the Xyor error. Thanks though.

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I was a bit…excited.

Haha, when I got there I saw you corrected yourself. Nice work.

I’ve made all of the relevant changes to Destinypedia’s articles, including adding the new Grimoire. At last Dredgen Yor’s story comes full circle. How the mighty have fallen. I wonder if our Guardian is seen as the next Rezyl Azzir, but not fallen, in the eyes of the City and their fellow Guardians, who don’t know of the truth. That’s both comforting and frightening. It’s a good thing Ryzel never became an Iron Lord.


Yeah, though maybe if he hadn’t felt so alone he would have stayed on Earth longer, or brought backup to the Moon. That bond of brotherhood could have saved him.

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The Iron Lords could have provided him that companionship and surety he needed. The thing is, he felt like a god both in his own eyes and the eyes of literally everyone around him, and tried to live up to it, and felt like he had failed. Pride goeth before a fall, as they say.

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Myelin made a video. Its pretty roundabout but it made me think.

  1. Xyor was the Thorn questline wizard. Still no lore on her
  2. who was the “hulking knight” Rezyl seemed to have showed up to look for/fight?

I’m thinking that large knight is either Al Luk Hul(sorry don’t no how to spell it) or maybe a large knight we haven’t met before??

Except lore does exist on her in the Rezyl cards. Not much but enough to know that she was the one who prophesied he would fall and become a terrible villain.

Dat Knight, though, we’ll probably find out in D2, if he warrants a name. Most likely.

@Snapshot, Alak-Hul already had a consort, Verok, who we don’t meet at all. She was probably killed by Oryx when Verok and Alak-Hul tried to overthrow the King.

Ah Whoops all these names are similar could it have been that one knight we fight in the shrine of oryx mission?

No, we killed Sardok, Eye of Oryx. Rezyl killed Xyor’s consort likely decades before we were revived.

Hmm I seem to have messed up on my timelines I’m gonna go read up on this stuff.

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Speaking of, what do you think about Rezyl going to the Moon? His Ghost says “The Hive were supposed to be gone.” If this is occurring post-Collapse it could be the first reappearance of the Hive, while confirming the Hive’s involvement in the Collapse battle. There’s also the fact that we have no indicator of whether Crota took over the Moon at Mare Imbrium before or after Rezyl traveled there. However, it stands to reason that it would happen afterwards. Right?

Collapse (Hive destroy Golden Age, Traveler Crippled, any way off the planet gone) ==> Dark Age (Dwindler’s Ridge saga) ===> City Age (Guardians retake the Moon, Crota retakes it back)

That seems a little unclear in retrospect, but basically what I’m speculating is that in Rezyl’s time, no one had been to the Moon since pre-Collapse. Then he returns and finds that the Hive are not long gone, but have been waiting there for centuries and are still a threat “There are worse things than pirates out here”. The Dwindler’s Ridge saga unfolds into the City Age, and then Guardians tried to retake the Moon, but Crota appeared at Mare Imbrium and cut the big gash in its surface. Eris Morn’s fireteam went in, and after everyone got slaughtered at the Ocean of Storms and that fiasco on top of it all, the Vanguard set the travel ban until our Guardians set foot on the Moon much later.

Would Rezyl, then, have gone into the Hellmouth fortress or the Temple of Crota? Large doors…

I always assumed he went to the Temple of Crota.