Intentions of Osiris?

Hey, I am new to this forum. I have one question that I need answering and that is the intentions of Osiris and the disciples of Osiris. In the grimore card The disciples of Osiris his sister says "Go to the Reef. Tell Guardians your story. Give passage to any Guardian that requests it. If the Tower learns of this, do not fear. If they know of the Trials, the Tower will not suspect your other motive for dwelling so close to the margins between Light and Dark.

Your sister,
I am so curious to know what there motives? This makes me ask, where is Osiris, where is Saint-14,what are Osiris’s motives? What knowledge is Osiris after. The Amkarah, vex, worm gods, the Nine? I have some theorys but I want to hear others.

According to the Speaker, Osiris was:

"…a mighty warrior. I watched you at Six Fronts, and heeded the call of Saint-14 to appoint you Vanguard Commander, even when the Concordat claimed to have records proving you were a Golden Age experiment mis-incarnated as a human by an inept Ghost. Saint-14 assured me you were just a man without much patience for obfuscation.

I watched as you grew tired of strike missions and the grueling, unproductive sessions with the Cryptarchs. That was when I took you under my wing. I saw our future in you. But your curiosity was voracious— How much of a Guardian’s personality and memories were true? How much had been fabricated by their Ghost? Did Guardians share particular personality traits— a willingness to yield to authority, a tendency to do anything anyone asked for the promise of uncertain reward, a blind knight-errant mentality? Had the Traveler manufactured all of you as living weapons?

I admit, I found your questions divisive and disloyal, and I feared you might be capable of breaking our unity when the City’s position had grown so tenuous. Why divert attention away from the Traveler, our only hope?

And then it got worse, dabbling in thanatonautics, Ahamkara-lore, chasing after Xur and the tricks of the Nine. Launching expeditions into the Reef and beyond at a time when ships were irreplaceable. Your quest split Guardians along ideological lines. This was your greatest crime: Hunters chose to pursue your visions instead of protecting refugees, Titans assembled teams to chase the legendary Vault of Glass instead of striking the Fallen, and Warlocks turned away from the study of the Traveler in favor of your ultimate obsession… learning the exact nature of the Darkness.

When debate became argument, and argument became acrimony, I realized you had already become a cult of personality, attracting Guardians who wanted a clear idea of why they were fighting, what they faced, and how they would ultimately win."

Osiris pursued a lot of knowledge banned in the City, but he was regarded essentially to the Vex what Toland was to the Hive. The common belief is that he is currently in the Vex Network, given that he disappeared on Mercury (Legend: Saint-14) and Toland is apparently trying to contact him from the Hive netherworld (Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth).

Saint-14 and Osiris were friends, that much is clear. Saint recommended him for the Vanguard position and vouched for him with his “father” the Speaker. In the item description for the Warlock bond Blood Maturity, Saint is quoted as saying, “I have found that rarest treasure: a pragmatic Warlock.”

As seen here, Saint was willing to sacrifice his well-deserved rest and go back into the field to look for Osiris, where he had previously decided to return to the city for a hero’s welcome at a later date.

I’m personally (and this is opinion here) of the belief that Osiris did not give up his physical form like Toland, as he is still able to contact and affect the dealings of our world in ways beyond sending messages. Many, myself included, speculate that the being accompanying Eris Morn to the Reef in Ghost Fragment: The Queen 2 is Osiris. He has also been able to send Guardians “tests” and permissions to the Trials and the Lighthouse, and contact them personally via Xander 99-40 in the original Trials questline.

In my opinion (opinion continues :relaxed:) this suggests that Osiris is poaching skilled Guardians because he and his followers do not believe the Crucible is preparing them for the Darkness ahead; Faora’s words in Disciples of Osiris say as much.

There’s also a spinfoily theory out there that Osiris is assembling a time-traveling (or otherwise time-meddling) army which may include the Sunbreakers under Ouros, and possibly Saint-14. MyelinGames has an interesting video on the subject:

All in all, there’s a lot of material to play with as far as Osiris is concerned. This is what I’ve got. Questions, comments, corrections? I’m interested to hear your theories!

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Thanks for all of that information, I do agree that Osiris was at the reef asking for help to kill oryx. Which has brought me to the conclusion that he may be building an army of guardians to hunt the worm gods. I also think Osiris may have added vex limbs or other body parts to his armor or himself. Thanks again for all the theorys!

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