Interaction: War Table — Challenger’s Proving VII (Precious Plunder)

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Name: Interaction: War Table — Challenger’s Proving VII (Precious Plunder)
Video URL: Challenger’s Proving VII | Precious Plunder | Season of the Chosen
Playlist URL: Chosen, Season of the (Story) from Destiny Lore Vault
Recorded: 2021.02.16


++The H.E.L.M., The Last City

**The Guardian approaches the War Table. A hologram of Saladin appears.

Lord Saladin: At last, we have a plan to strike at the heart of the Cabal. It’s not what I’d do, but at least we’re taking decisive action.

Lord Saladin: Zavala has challenged Caiatl to settle things with a final Rite of Proving. No response yet, but Osiris is confident she’ll accept.

Lord Saladin: Personally, I don’t think there’s any course of action more “final” than a full-scale offensive.

Lord Saladin: Your task is to “encourage” Caiatl to accept the easy out.

Lord Saladin: Her aspiring commanders are the pressure points, so hit them with everything you’ve got.

Lord Saladin: And keep hitting them until Commander Zavala tells you otherwise.

**The hologram disappears as the call ends.

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