Linking Ruin Wings armor to Silver Seed, Tree in the Garden with Silver Wings, etc

First, I joined today, and I don’t think I’m posting in an incorrect way, but if I am, I’m sorry and would love to be corrected.

My favorite piece of armor in Destiny 1 was Ruin Wings (Titan exotic). It’s flavor text is very seemingly relevant as of this past week, and I wasn’t sure how to suggest attaching it to the correct spot.

Some possible linkages:


The Titan Exotics were intimately linked to the Silver Tree, which was first addressed as an actual element and not only an idea, in the “Book of Unveiling”, as the giant tree that stood in the middle of the Garden. It was then cut during the conflict that broke between the Winnover and the Gardener, and now is the giant mesa we can see at the centre of the Black Garden - a tree stump, actually.

There is another mention in “Mk. 44 Stand-Asides” of the Titan ( which are the ideal completion of the Ruin Wings if the Exotics could be equipped all together.

Another mention is when Oryx in the “Book of Sorrows”, destroyed and consumed the Gift Mast ( from the Harmony - another prototype of the Tree of Silver Wings that the Traveller tried to install into one of his protected civilization, just as ours with the one on Io before he was beaten during the Collapse.

We still don’t have the full picture about the powers and the meaning of this tree, but it runs deep into the lore of Destiny since the first chapter, and the implications are heavy.

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If I remember correctly, in Forsaken, we got the middle tree supers on Io correct? It could be possible that the Tree sprouted the trees of Light that we followed to get those supers. It could just be something unrelated to the Tree, but I think that they might only be there because the Tree is there. If that is the case, then we begin to see the power that this tree has. If it did do those things, then not only does it have the power to give us the light, it can take what the Traveller started with, and change it to new things. Whatever it is, it’s powerful and important.